Sunday, January 3, 2010

A very Jewish Christmas

I love spending Christmas in New York, it's always so festive and the shops are beautiful. Even the Empire State Building looks festive (above) with it's green and red lighting.... so pretty.

We had a very Jewish Christmas, spending the day with our Jewish friend Evan eating plate after plate of delicious dim sum. I think it was the most amount of dishes we have ever ordered!

Here is Evan and I taking in delicious dim sum, yes I am wearing one of my new Marimekko dresses with the hares on it!

We then had yummy icecream from the Chinese Icecream Factory in Chinatown before exploring and buying up in the shops that were open. (Yeah, love the fact we could buy shoes on Christmas day! Awesome!)

We also decided that Christmas wasn't Christmas without indulging in some cocktails. We headed to Uncle Charlies bar where we may of induldged in one too many cocktails but we blame the 2 for 1 drinks that lead us to becoming a little merry. (see photo below!)

So even though we didn't get to see a movie on the day it was still a great Jewish Christmas, lots of fun, food, cocktails and excellent company! I will miss this kind of Christmas.

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