Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cool necklaces and hair dramas...

Groovy doctor necklace

I thought that I should show you all a photo of the cute stethoscope necklace that Mark got me in New York. We were walking around in soho and I think that I spied a really cute bag in the shop window (which I didn't end up buying!) but saw this pushed up the back of a cabinet and just had to have it! What a find huh? It's made from brass and occassionally it hits other metal things and sounds like my bike bell!

How to make your fringe shorter?!

I'm also going through some hair dramas as I'm waiting to get my hair cut next week for the Melbourne wedding. I'm holding off on cutting my own fringe but man, it's really long at the moment! Normally I blow it down dry but I've had to use the good old ghd straighteners to give it a 'rockerbilly' curl under to kind of push it up and out of my eyes! I'm not sure if I could deal with this look for a long time, I would really need to invest in some hairspray. What do you think? I'm still leaning towards my shortish fringe myself!

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