Sunday, February 28, 2010

Growing your own...

Our veggie garden

My lovely man Mark has been working super hard on re-establishing our vegetable garden after coming home from overseas in January. We had done some trial planting last year where we planted broad beans and some radishes. Our crops were quite large and I guess this inspired us to go even further!
our veggie garden

We have now taken over half of our front yard and turned it into a vegetable garden, along with our own compost bin. The soil to start off with, definitely needs some TLC and when the compost really gets going it's going to be lush with worms! We ended up growing our little plants in the front yard as it gets much more sun than our back yard and our back yard has a very large possum that seems to use our back yard as his restaurant. He has yet to devour any of our little veggies in the front!

grown from seed

All of the little veggies are being grown from seed, it's much cheaper and I think more rewarding as you see them pop up. Currently our crop includes a variety of lettuces, spinach, silverbeet, rocket(arugula) and beetroot. It's looking great in just a week or so, very healthy, though we will see if we are inundated with vegetables and will need to give some away!


dk said...

Nice Garden! So impressed at how organized! I have one too, and right now my lettuce, arugula and beets are harvest-able! My carrots are kind teeny still. And instead of a composter I have a worm farm! I'll have to do a post on that. Its too fun.

miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks lady! Our broad beans (not sure what you call them in the USA?) they went insane in the last harvest! Can't wait to eat some beets though! Post about your worms! I want to hear!

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