Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mark and Mardi get hitched... in Melbourne!

The couple of the day

Yup, Mark and I got married at our favourite bar, Baranows Cigar Lounge on Sunday 7 March. We had such a blast with about 40 of our closest and most fun friends. Our wedding ceremony was pretty quick, we didn't want a celebrant to go on forever about how we met and all of that, considering everyone that was there knows us so well.

Mark and I kind of went with a 1920s theme. My dress was made by my mum and was a replica of a 1920s tango dress. Mark had a beautiful tuxedo suit made, with a custom shirt from Henry Bucks bespoke people and hand made shoes from Rocco's.

our lovely team of bar staff at Baranows

The guys at Baranows were fantastic! They created a gorgeous range of cocktails especially for our wedding day and managed to get Belvedere to sponsor the event with vodka and some cute paraphanalia as well. As usual, Jess from Sugadeaux did us a cake to die for!!!

Our amazing wedding cakes!

MaMa's wedding! Dave's pics

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all that made it to our day and their well wishes. I think one of the cutest things was my Dad telling me that he liked my new tattoo, seeing my mum freaked out about the size of it and 'the dress'. I'll leave you with some happy snaps.

card and well wishes

MaMa's wedding! Dave's pics

MaMa's wedding! Dave's pics

MaMa's wedding! Dave's pics

We loved our day, maybe not the hangovers the next morning though!


Wangari M. said...

Congrats the day looked like a roaring success :)

erin m riley said...


miss mardi nowak said...

Thank you Erin and Wangari M! We had a great day... was lots of fun and quite 'unwedding' like!

LaLa said...

I'm late but congratulations. What a fab wedding. I love that it's obviously full of your personality!

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