Thursday, March 4, 2010

New curtains soon... hopefully!

Mark and I live in a rented house, which we love. It's spacious, has a really good vibe to it, great kitchen and gardens to play in. The only thing is in our downstairs living areas, it has the ugliest curtains ever!! They look like some floral decorating 80s disaster and make our living areas look really old.

The old <hideous> curtains!

We had been talking about making some new curtains, even though we rent but after some calculations decided that it was too much of an expense to do as there are 2 really large windows to cover that are floor to ceiling. I can't tell you how excited I was when I went into ikea the other day and found this awesome simple yet bold fabric for $3.99 a metre!!! I bought a whole role for under $100!

cheapo ikea fabric

I can't wait to pull the old curtains apart (I'm going to reuse the thermal lining and just replace the outer fabric shell) and get these bold, scandanavian looking babies up! It's really going to make such a difference to our house!

New birdy ikea fabric

I also picked up this cute fabric with birds in weird city environments. After the curtains are completed, maybe a wacky looking dress will be completed in this fabric.

Yep, Ikea, I love you...

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