Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The new sweater girl...

Another 80s number!

My mum decided to send me a 'care package' the other day with some magazines, recipes and this fantastic knitting pattern book. Yep, it's an original 80s beauty and my mum found it at a thrift store after I was saying that I was looking for a batwing sweater (or dolman sweater as they are sometimes called) to knit.

Batwing baby!

Not only does this pattern book have a batwing sweater but also an array or multi-coloured dazzlers that would either shock or be super cool! Really depends on your stance about 80s fashions. I figure seeing I embraced the 'legging' while I was overseas, mostly for comfort after having my hip tattooed, rather than fashion; that I could embrace one of these 80s shockers.

New sweater girl

Do you think that you could be a sweater girl from the 80s?


Wangari M. said...

definitely could see myself being a sweater girl. There is a special place in my heart for 80s fashion :)

fiona said...


I remember knitting myself the top one (in slightly different colours iirc)back when I started work @ Kew Library. I would knit it in my lunchtime and then wore it with pride
for several years after that.

miss mardi nowak said...

Fiona, I think that we need to see a photo of this sweater if you have one!

It's pretty funny... at least if I get stuck I can come to you for assistance!

fiona said...

I'll have a look for photos - there must be some cos I wore that sweater everywhere (scary but true).

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