Friday, March 5, 2010

We should use snail mail more often...

The other week I found a scarf that I thought the lovely Miss Silje should have. I know her love of cute little chihuahuas so I popped the little parcel in the mail and it went all the way to Portland Oregon. Silje sent some adorable photos of her pup Cupcake wearing the scarf like a little prize winning fighter - it was very Rocky Balboa!

Last night after a long day at work, I discovered a parcel from the lovely Miss Silje! With a super gift!! I feel so privilaged to now own one of her hand made matryoshka dolls! You can own one too by going to her etsy store.

matryoshka 012

It also came with an adorable card. It must of been the day for adorable cards and matryoshkas as I also received an early wedding gift from one of my gallery volunteers. I'm feeling pretty special at the moment!

matryoshka 002

I guess the moral of this blog post is that it's lovely to send special gifts and hand written notes in the mail. The act of sending something and knowing how much they will love it, makes you feel pretty damn warm and fuzzy.

wedding card

So, get your pens out, find or make a cute card and send it to someone special! They will certainly feel special and so will you! (I'm not normally so gushy but it is pretty sweet!)

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Silje Røe Hagland said...

agreed! I love snail mail <3 I used to have so many pen pals as a kid, and it was just sooo much fun <3

SO glad it got there, and so quick! Yay, I was hoping you would like it :) Thanks again for the scarf <3 Its so lovely!!


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