Thursday, April 22, 2010

A dress for Jess...

My lovely friend and cupcake genius Jess is heading over to the USA shortly for her annual jaunt. For her 30th birthday I gave her a pass for "one Miss Mardi dress" which she is cashing in now for something summery to wear in Austin Texas.

The brief was something a little 50s inspired, cute in cotton and a little low cut in the front! I discovered this pattern from Vogue patterns and we are using The top of the middle dress but with the flared skirt.

And below is a sweet photo of Jess (the gorgeous birthday gal in the middle) with moi and my husband Mark on her 30th birthday birthday. It was a Texan inspired BBQ, yes, we are wearing cowboy boots under the table.

After a quick trip to Spotlight today, we selected this cute little gingham fabric in a light lavender colour. It has a beautiful weave and is super soft. I also think that it won't crush much, making it a great travel dress.

Lavender gingham

So now the measurements are done, just waiting for my pattern to turn up, get the toile done and get this baby made before Jess shoots off on a plane on the 15th May. Can it be done people? Sure can!!!

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