Saturday, May 15, 2010

A dress for Jess... completed!

jess dress

So after 2 toilles, a couple of fittings the cute little lavender gingham sun dress is now finished for the ever lovely (but tough) Jess! It's been a little weird as it's been forever since I've sewed something that was for some one else. You get so used to the way your own body is and your size and what works that when you work with someone who has a body completely different (don't worry Jess, in a good way!) it does throw you! I should point out that I was on a mega deadline and finished this baby the day before Jess was flying out to USA!

Jess dress

This is the back of the dress, I really like the deep V in the front and back, hoping that the straps of the dress stay on Jess's shoulders as that V is wide! I think that even though there are aspects I would change next time, it's still a really cute dress that will look awesome while Jess is rocking out to great tunes and drinks at BBQ's in Austin Texas! If you want to keep up with her wonderful overseas antics you can follow Jess on twitter at @sugadeaux, you can follow me at @missmardi too!

I will post a photo of Jess in dress when we get a chance... rock on gingham!

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