Monday, May 3, 2010

fancy dinners and acting posh...

MCC event

Mark and I were incredibly lucky to go to the Annual MCC Fine Wine & Food Society dinner. It was a black tie event, so we got all dressed up an ate alot of food and drank alot of wine!
Above is us drinking a little entree soup out of tiny tea cups... we feel very Alice in Wonderland!

Mcc dinner

The best part about the dinner was we got to go with our partners in crime, Shannon and Dr. Cooper. Here we are all dressed up, Mark's wearing his black on black gingham tuxedo, tie by Paul Smith. I'm in Marimekko... Shannon, well I'm so proud that she didn't cover up her tattoos! I was too shy! And Dr. Cooper is parading a gorgeous handmade bow tie by David.

Mcc dinner

Naturally David (on the right) looks very dapper in the silk scarf we brought back from NYC as a thank you for taking care of Miss Nina.

We had a fabulous night... I will be posting more about the food and wine on my other blog here! I love a good night with great company and great food and wine! It's also a treat to uber dress up!

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