Sunday, May 23, 2010

The first rule of knit club...

Knit Club

We held our second session of knitting and martinis at Baranows Lounge yesterday, or as it has jokingly called now, "Knit Club". We had some new faces during the session and there were many martinis drank! I started on an easy project (I didn't bring Mark's sweater in) so I could drink and not worry about dropping any stitches.

knitting and martinis

Even though there are many laughs, you can tell that we are taking it very seriously and concentrating alot! A big yay to Shannon who insisted she couldn't knit but has picked it up very easily... she's a natural!


I'm working with this great Vero yarn that is super soft, not too expensive and knits up really quickly. Both Shan and I are working on this cute garter stitch hat that looks a little bit 20s when it's completed. Don't worry I will post photos when it's completed.

Knitted hat

Thanks to David who brought in his collection of vintage knitting patterns, we all got very excited and had a few laughs at the old magazines and their photography. They were inspiring though.

The first rule of Knit Club is not to talk about Knit Club, the second rule of Knit Club is one row, one sip of a martini. If you're inspired we hold Knit Club at Baranows Lounge on every second Saturday from 2pm. Get your knit on!

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