Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hair inspiration...

New hairs blog

I got a hair cut the other day... went back to short. It's kind of weird as I had just sent this image of one of my works to the Embroidery Guild for a presentation that I am doing. See the resemblance? It's funny as this work is about when I fell in love with my husband Mark.... awwww... so sweet it makes you vomit huh?!

Detail of tapestry completed - guild talk

But with my new hair I'm taking on a new style icon, Louise Brooks, well she has always been a bit of a style icon. She kind of inspired my lady tattoo and was an inspiration for my wedding outfit too. Enjoy some cute photos that I found!

Louise Brooks

I think the above pic is from the film Pandora's box... not sure though.

Louise brooks

I do love women and guns! How tough yet stylish is Ms Brooks?!

Louise Brooks

And this is my favourite photo, pouring a drink! Who is your style icon?!

1 comment:

LaLa said...

Oh my, she is deliciously saucy! I never realised.

Love the new hair. Minxy.

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