Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love it when someone else does the curating!

Align Centershopping Girl

(My tapestry, Shopping Girl, woven tapestry, wool, cotton and linen.)

Purely by chance, and also because I had forgotten that I had kind of committed myself to a couple of things, this last week has seen the following:
  1. Looks like my tapestry Shopping Girl will be going off on a touring exhibition run with a bunch of other fab tapestries made by 'studio weavers' who work outside of a workshop situation. The exhibition called A Matter of Time, is being curated by Anthony Camm from Ararat Regional Art Gallery and features works from their collection.
  2. I will also be presenting a lecture for the Embroiderers Guild in Malvern on August 2 about my art work and also my life as a curator. It is in the evening, so feel free to pop along and learn more about tapestry!
I do love it when a whole bunch of arty/tapestry things happen all at once! I had vaguely organized and made touch with people about these things before I went on leave, but you know... I went away, went shopping, got tattooed and married! Things happen! And I love it when someone else does the curating!

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