Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taking a leap for Yves...

I got very excited about the thought of seeing the Yves Klein exhibition in Washington DC that I just went and got some leave approved and booked some flights to go! Yeah, wacky and crazy huh but what the heck!
Apparently it is the first time in approximately 30 years that such a large retrospective has been done on his work. It is on currently at the Hirshhorn Musuem. I am also excited that they have an iphone application for the exhibition too! Yay for geeks!

Whilst in Washington I also want to check out this exhibition at the Textile Museum. I totally forgot that this place existed so I'm pretty excited to be able to go... finally! Art by the Yard exhibition should be quite inspirational seeing I have been assisting a friend with their fashion label and they are producing gorgeous yardage.

There's lots of great exhibitions on during the time which I'm pretty excited about and it will be strange travelling in the USA during Summer but I do like an adventure. I'm sure it will be inspiring!

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