Saturday, July 10, 2010


Bug brooch

I am a bit of a brooch addict. I have loads of them now and nothing beats a great signature brooch on a simple dress, not that I have many simple dresses. Most of them are crazy patterned ones but I still have brooches for that too!
Today I'm wearing my bug brooch that I got from Deco Jewels in NYC. I love him, he's sparkly and has red eyes.
I visited an exhibition last year of Madeleine Albright's collection of brooches. I was really inspired by her idea of having a statement piece that also becomes a statement. Apparently she wore these brooches as a way of sending political messages. So your clothes and accessories really do make a statement!

1 comment:

Seen The Lite said...

i love a bug brooch! yours is so pretty. christian bought me a bug (cicada) hair clip from mimco and it's the best!!!

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