Sunday, July 18, 2010

My first sock completed!

My first knitted sock!

I actually had completed this during the week but have been a little too busy to get around blogging about it! So here is sock one, completed in all of it's pinky coloured glory. I used the Noro sock yarn for this sock and 2.5mm needles (double pointed needles).

Everyone was saying how difficult the heel section was but after watching some great clips on youtube from the Lion Brand Yarn folk, it was quite easy to go through. I decided to post the videos that I found really useful for any other newbies to sock making too!

This clip is for the heel section, creating the sturdy fabric part for the heel.

This clip looks at actually 'turning the heel'. When you watch these clips, it does make it much easier to understand what you are doing in your own pattern and how it is meant to look like.
I really should get to and knit the partner to it now... I'm hoping that it will go much quicker than the first sock!

1 comment:

DK said...

Mardi, it's just a beautiful sock. Can't wait to see its partner. Noro yarn is simply the best.

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