Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Hi!... well Hello!

You may of noticed that there hasn't been a lot of blogging going on here! June has been a pretty frantic month and I guess with the lack of spare time, I've been taking time out away from my laptop!

Lou, Mardi and John at the gallery

So what's been going on in the last month? Work has been super busy with lots of reports and end of financial year, boring stuff. We have a fantastic exhibition on currently which is the result of our Young Curators Project. I've been mentoring a 'young curator', Miss Louisa Marks and she has curated this exhibition, Weapons of Mass Consumption. If you happen to be in Melbourne, you should come check it out. The mentoring process has been heaps of fun and it's great to see Louisa finish the project and all that she has achieved. There is loads of information about the show on the gallery blog here!

I've been spending a fair bit of non-work time helping out with my friend's fashion label. They have been in the process of putting together next winter's collection and I've been sewing the toilles (the test samples) and making pattern alterations. It's been a fun process working with my pal and seeing her dreams come to reality too! Gee, I have been doing quite a bit of that huh?!!

Our house has been the happy craft commune with us sewing, knitting and crocheting away with friends on the weekend! We then usually pump up the BBQ and cook some yummy treats and have a bottle of wine, it's been lovely! My pal, David has become quite the crochet whiz and has been pumping out the creations. He made this super cute crochet hat for me, can you believe he has only been crocheting for a couple of months?!

Hat made by DavidAlign Center

I should point out that I've been knitting away slowly too, trying to get Mark's sweater completed so hopefully he can wear it this winter! It is going slowly but looking great!

So that's a round up! Promise not to leave it so long between posts! Promise!

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