Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Re-invent exhibition

Re-invent long flyer

Wow, I've had/have two really awesome shows at the gallery in a row. Currently we have Weapons of Mass Consumption on, which was the result of a young curator mentorship with myself (as the mentor) and Louisa Marks as my mentee. It has been a fantastic exhibition, really dynamic and the audience has responded well to it.

Next up for the month of August is an exhibition that I am curating called Re-invent, Re-interpret, Re-make. So far this has been a fun show to do as I'm working with a wide range of artists, including getting some amazing tapestry works from Erin Riley, who is based in the USA. I've been eyeing off her tapestries for a little while and I'm excited to be able to show them here in Australia. If you're in Melbourne, come check out the exhibition, otherwise, please visit the gallery online here!

There are also some other equally fantastic artists working in all sorts of media. The image on the flyer above is by Madeleine Preston. It's been all crazy here with exhibitions, talks and preparing to head overseas again, phew! I will need a holiday!

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