Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Black and white

Today I am wearing my cute black and white penguin like shoes handmade by Rocco. They always get comments, in a good way comments!

Skull necklace

Today I'm wearing this great skull necklace. I love the crystals in it and the fact that the jaw moves! It keeps me entertained when I'm a little bored at work.

Reading about Washington

Today I got a guide to Washington DC which I'm reading up on for my trip to see the Textile Museum and the Yves Klein exhibition. I've never been to Washington so there's a little research needed!

More babushka stuff
Today I bought this cute babushka nesting glasses! Awesome! They are by the same company as the measuring cups and when I spyed them I just had to have them.
Today, what are you up to?

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