Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting around the bay area...

Animal grooming San franciscoAlign Center

Wow, first real day in San Francisco and it seemed really busy. I got my phone all sorted out so I'm back on a USA sim card and I love having my unlimited data (thanks t-mobile boys).

For some reason, I always feel the jet lag while I'm on the west coast. It's probably because the time difference isn't so much, but enough for it to be a pain in the butt. After going to bed early, I forced myself to get up at 7.30am and do some normal stuff... like get coffee and chat to my NYC friend Evan on the phone.

I also caught up with my friend Hanna, so good to see her! She is working at Idle Hand in the Haight now and I'm sure that she is loving all the great dog shops and dog parks nearby. I'm catching up with her tomorrow for a little bit of work... very exciting. She always seems to know exactly what I'm into which is why I love her work.

Window shopping retro sewing machine

I did alot of window shopping today, made a few small purchases and wandered around taking in the sights. I'm glad to come back to a city and discover the things that I still like are still where they were and occassionally some new things have popped up as well. Crate and Barrel have loads of cute stuff, above is a shot from one of their windows featuring lots of Marimekko. I wish we had Crate and Barrel in Australia!

Cako cupcakes

A trip in San Francisco isn't complete without a cupcake or two from Cako! I got the carrot and walnut - delicious and the red velvet. Their cream cheese icing is a bit light and fluffy for my liking but the cakes are super delicious! I can't believe that I'm missing out on Sugadeaux's new flavour tasting back in Melbourne... the things you miss while you are an international traveller!

I went to one of my favourite knitting stores in San Francisco - Imagiknit up on 18th street and amazingly came out with no yarn! I did get a great new knitting magazine with loads of insipirational things. I ended the day at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, always a favourite! The current exhibition by Clare Rojas is simply amazing. It takes over the whole space and most of it was specifically installed and created for this show. It utilizes huge walls with Roja's painted beauties on them. The film piece which reminded me of a modern day dadaist triumph was also a highlight. This is such a great little museum, they do really edgy shows and the staff are great too.

Tomorrow I'm spending the day with Hanna, so stay tuned!


Leo Greenfield said...

Thought you were back overseas!!! Hope all is well and exciting. I'll keep reading to see how you are going!!!!

All the best


miss mardi nowak said...

Hi ya Leo! Yep, back cruising around, just about to head to DC for the Yves Klein exhibition!

We gotta catch up soon re: Beard Show! Call me after the 26th August. M xxx

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