Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Morning Washington!

Good morning Washington
(view from my window this morning)

It's a bit of a whirl wind tour of Washington DC! I decided to come to town as I really wanted to see the Yves Klein exhibition at the Hirshhorn. But more about that later!

I ended up leaving San Francisco yesterday which was a little sad but I also had five days there so I felt like I had accomplished alot! One of the things that I adore about San Francisco is the ease of getting from the city to the airport, the train is simple and quick and best of all, quite cheap! I wish that we had something similar in Melbourne...

So I managed to get to the airport in great time, the folk at Virgin America were awesome as usual with sorting out my luggage and during my waiting time, I utilised the free wi-fi at the airport. (Oh, San Francisco airport, you really are up there!) Unfortunately, my plane got delayed by about an hour due to the low fog in the morning, so there was more waiting and more Facebooking!

The delay meant that instead of arriving in Washington DC at 8pm, it was more like 9pm. I was thankful that my luggage was the very first off the baggage carousel (yep, that NEVER happens) and that I had booked my ticket on the super shuttle to get me to my hotel. The international airport is quite a hike out of town and I arrived at about 10pm to check in. I actually hadn't eaten since breakfast so I headed to the bar to grab a burger and a couple of beers to take up to my room. The Sierra Nevada brews and the angus burger tasted sooooo good. Like I hadn't eaten in weeks. There is something so satisfying about that first beer and food after many hours of nothing. Caught up in the excitement, I forced myself to bed to get a good sleep before waking early to get my 'museum on'. So many museums... so little time.... ARGHHHH!!!

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