Monday, August 9, 2010

I just keep travelling...

Waiting at Melbourne airport
(My view at Melbourne airport)

After a busy few days at work, I finally got myself on a plane and headed to San Francisco. The flight that I took was a little different to usual. I flew MELB - LAX, LAX -SF. Note to self, do NOT do this flight again!!! LAX was crazy busy, even at 7.30am on a Sunday. The only good part was that I actually got to walk outside in the Los Angeles air when I had to briskly walk/run from international arrivals to domestic departures, allowing me to catch a good glimpse of the airport. Unfortunately after all this rushing to make the 9.20am boarding time, the lovely folk at American Airlines made us sit on a cramped plane on the tarmac for about 2 hours!! Note to American Airlines: I know you feel relaxed with the plane door open but I can still see your staff, sitting around drinking coffee. You know, when passengers are sitting on a plane for 2 hours, it wouldn't kill ya to offer us some beverages! Yeah, even just water!!!

Ergh... well I did make it in one piece and in all honesty, when I got to San Francisco airport, it was all smooth sailing getting on a train and heading to my awesome hotel! I decided to stay somewhere different in San Francisco and so far I'm pretty happy with my choice. It's walking distance to the Burger Bar, rooms are pretty spacious, has a walk-in robe, full size bath (with rubber duck and bath bubbles! squeal!) and is decorated in a lovely 1920s dark wood and green decor. The chairs I just want to try and pop in my bag to take home!

Hotel room in San Francisco
(cute hotel in San Francisco)

After a quick shower and discovering that my hair conditioner had been squished in my bag and leaked in the plastic bag - ewww but luckily not over my clothes, I headed down to the Burger Bar. One of the great things about travelling alone is that I can walk straight ahead of the huge cue at the Burger Bar and get seated immediately! I sat at the bar and downed a pint of peroni beer off tap and a serve of burger sliders... yep, all tasted sooooo good! After a little bit of window shopping, my poor exhausted self has just chilled out in my gorgeous room.

Tomorrow? I have a few chores but I think it's time to hit some galleries! Yeah, it's lovely to be back in familiar San Francisco.

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Polyxena said...

I have done that "land in LA go to SF" job. It does not work. You get stuck in LA. Hope u enjoy SF though; it's lovely once you get there :))

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