Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Bison goodness...

Bison tea bowls

I have become quite addicted with Bison ceramics.  My friend David introduced me to the product and started buying me some of the small products as gifts.  When Mark and I got married we were lucky enough to be given quite a few different bowls to make our stash even larger.  I recently bought these super cute 'tea bowls' (pictured above) which we use for our morning coffee. Even though they don't have handles, they are thick enough that you don't burn your hand.

Nesting bowls from Bison ceramics

One of the most lovely things about Bison is that they come in the most desirable colours!  Each season they have something like 20 different colours and tints that I just want one in everything!  I don't mind having different coloured plates and bowls and that they don't match, I think that is part of the fun of Bison.

Our loot from Bison ceramics

My latest loves of theirs are the egg cups and tiny milk jugs.  They are so small that they almost look doll like.  I also am loving their pastel colours, quite a change from the bold reds that I currently have.  Definitely go and check them out.  I'm sure that you will want a few Bison products in your home too!

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