Friday, September 24, 2010

Gorgeous Swedish Clogs!

Cute Swedish Clogs from Ugglebo... this sandal design is Vienna.
The Milan Swedish clog.

I am sooo excited that I have ordered 2 pairs of super super cute Swedish style clogs from the lovely folk at Ugglebo.  They have been absolutely lovely, answering my questions about sizing and if you are unsure of your size, you can even send them a trace of your foot and they will sort it all out for you!

I've ordered two pairs, the first pair is the Vienna Sandal.  I ordered it in a plain black leather with a dark wooden sole.  I can see it with stylish summer dresses and pants for summer.  The second pair is the Milan clog, this one has a bit of a mary jane style about it and I ordered it in a metallic leather in a lovely pewter colour with the natural wooden sole.  Again, I think this will be great for summer but will also look lovely with tights in the cooler months too.

The folk at Ugglebo have so many designs and colours that the choices are endless!  It does make it very difficult to make up your mind on what colour you want!  I see in the future, many other orders!  The company has a fascinating history which you can read about here.

I can't wait for them to turn up via the post.  Stay tuned for a fashion showcase when they turn up!  You can order online from the Ugglebo website direct and they currently have a discount if you order 2 pairs!  So get your Swedish clog on!

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Acton Bell said...

Hey those are some great clogs. I browsing the internet for clogs for women on sale and some great picks came up but nobody is offering on time delivery options.

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