Saturday, September 11, 2010

In search of the perfect swimsuit...

I rarely go to the beach or to the pool, so when I even contemplate having to buy a new swimsuit I think that I start to sweat! Yep, the idea of flashing my white skin and all it's lumps and bumps isn't too exciting but I was forced to go into 'swimwear buying' mode recently as I'm heading to Queensland with friends for a short beach holiday!

I started to look around on the internet at swimwear options and it wasn't too exciting... I wanted something that would cover my bottom easily but was cute and stylish too.

I even started to look at making my own swimwear! Crazy huh?! The images above are from Kwiksew and although they don't look too bad, I don't think that I would be confident in making a bathing suit!

I spyed this beauty at ModCloth. A cute retro looking number and look! the girl is pale with dark hair and totally rocking this look! Yes, I want a cute polka dot bikini but who buys swimwear from the internet without trying it on? Certainly not me!

Polka dots

But then success! A cute retro inspired bathing suit from Target! It was cheap, it fits, it's cute and doesn't look completely weird with my ink! Who would of thought that target could come up with the goods? (and yes, I do feel a little weird posting a pic of myself in a bikini top! But I suppose that you parade around in them at the beach for all to see!)
Polka dots for the win!


Wangari M. said...

I love it, definitely the right choice of swim wear. HAve fun on your holiday :)

miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks heaps! I'll post photos! Are you on flickr too?

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