Sunday, September 12, 2010

What goes on during a Saturday evening...


What happens at Casa Mama on a Saturday evening? Lots of delicious snacks and putting a packet of pirate temporary tattoos on! Yes, here we are with some super cute skulls on our cheeks.

Face tattoo

Here I am showing off the latest skull tattoos on my cheeks! We were laughing so much as all of us have real tattoos and then we had these crazy faux tattoos on... which ones were real?!! We made the boys put theirs on their necks! Hopefully they come off before we go to work!

A Saturday night isn't complete at our house without lots of music, bad dancing (that's usually from my sister and myself) and drinking our version of Russian Cocaine (belvedere vodka shots, lemon dipped in sugar and then drinking a espresso!) Yep, it all makes up for a funny evening.

Shopping list

I spyed that someone decided to fill in our menu list on the fridge too during the evening!


This was most likely the culprit! I love this quick snap of Shannon, she was completely unaware of the photo being taken and all her sequins are shining away! It was again, a totally fun night!

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