Sunday, October 31, 2010

The things we do for art...

posing for our tee shirt promo shots

I was needing some promotional shots that I could use for the upcoming exhibition I Wear My Heart On My Tee which I curate every two years.  Naturally my band of ragamuffin friends were more than happy to spend a Saturday afternoon getting crazy with wigs and hats, all in the name of art!  A huge thank you to the most excellent Benj for playing photographer, while we just played up!

Cat mask
My scary cat mask!

I think that we grew to love wearing our costumes out that we did get a few odd looks, especially when we went to the bottle shop later on for supplies.

Urban pirate mark
Mark with a drunk parrot

I especially loved Mark's Urban Pirate look, I really think this is something he could pull off everyday!

Fuschia shannon
Shannon aka Fuchsia fuchsia

Naturally Shannon was totally in love with her pink wig.  I think this is a look that we may see more often, especially seeing she found the viking helmet so comfy that she nearly walked out of the store without paying for it!

kitty, pirate and viking!
Keep an eye out for promotion with us looking crazy for tees.  If you want to take part in our always awesome tee-shirt exhibition, click here to download the brief to take part!

 Kitty girl says meow for now! xxx

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