Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scooting around...

I came across this super cute scooter via the Martha Stewart website (yes, I am obsessed with her!) but I have to say that the website that is selling the scooter also has LOADS of other uber cute things too!  You definitely should check out Reform School Rules for lots of sweet products too.


I probably am addicted to old school bikes and really need to purchase myself something that is boring and practical to ride around.  However I can totally see myself in a cute Marimekko dress and clogs, scooting around with all sorts of delicious goodies in my basket. Well actually, I'm not sure if you could scoot in clogs, maybe you'd have to wear ones that have a back strap but you're getting the image right?!

So, if anyone feels inspired to get me this, feel free!

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