Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The new sweater girl...

Another 80s number!

My mum decided to send me a 'care package' the other day with some magazines, recipes and this fantastic knitting pattern book. Yep, it's an original 80s beauty and my mum found it at a thrift store after I was saying that I was looking for a batwing sweater (or dolman sweater as they are sometimes called) to knit.

Batwing baby!

Not only does this pattern book have a batwing sweater but also an array or multi-coloured dazzlers that would either shock or be super cool! Really depends on your stance about 80s fashions. I figure seeing I embraced the 'legging' while I was overseas, mostly for comfort after having my hip tattooed, rather than fashion; that I could embrace one of these 80s shockers.

New sweater girl

Do you think that you could be a sweater girl from the 80s?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lovely patterns from Vogue

A few of my fellow bloggers have been reviewing the new patterns from Vogue Patterns for the upcoming season. I'm sure many of you have seen them and drooling or even having a bit of a laugh about some, but I thought that I would share with you some of the ones that I think that I will give a try.!

This dress has a great hemline and would be perfect for me in the gallery! It looks carefree but stylish and I'm thinking a solid colour like they have here but with some wild tights!

I love the shape of this dress, the skirt is a little tulip like and it has pockets!! I didn't realize until I looked at the pattern sketch that the sleeves are broken up into smaller panels, allowing you to add different fabrics. This could be alot of fun to make.

Yes, I did add this one for a bit of a laugh! It's a evening mumu! I'm not really sure what they are thinking with this bat-winged satin number but I have to say that it may not be so bad if it was shorter? I would be prepared to give it a go... but much shorter!

How cute is this jumpsuit!!!! I'm not really a jumpsuit person, I find getting in and out of them a bit of a hassle but this looks so cute.

This dress has all of my favourite elements. Great hidden pockets, plunging v-neckline and a puffy skirt. I can't wait to try this one!

Some of these patterns are a little pricey, so I will be waiting until they come on sale to buy but I am excited to try some of these when I have some time. Yay to you Vogue!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moustaches are go!

John and Mardi in Mo's

I am a little bit addicted to messing around with Picknik on Flickr. This is a pic of one of my dearest friends John (who is also my gallery assistant) and myself in the gallery in front of Veronica Caven Aldous' works. We are curating an exhibition called Beardo for the end of the year so I was inspired to add some facial hair for us.
If you didn't know, I manage a public art gallery in Melbourne Australia. If you want to see what I do visit our blog! We are always happy to hear from artists!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I heart baked eggs!

Mexican baked eggs

I am in love with baked eggs in a pan with other delicious goodies that you can eat for breakfast. I bought these awesome cast iron pans in Boston and finally made mexican inspired baked eggs for breakfast this morning.

You can check out the recipe or basically how I did it here on my food blog!
Thanks for visiting! Let me know if you try it out too!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mark and Mardi get hitched... in Melbourne!

The couple of the day

Yup, Mark and I got married at our favourite bar, Baranows Cigar Lounge on Sunday 7 March. We had such a blast with about 40 of our closest and most fun friends. Our wedding ceremony was pretty quick, we didn't want a celebrant to go on forever about how we met and all of that, considering everyone that was there knows us so well.

Mark and I kind of went with a 1920s theme. My dress was made by my mum and was a replica of a 1920s tango dress. Mark had a beautiful tuxedo suit made, with a custom shirt from Henry Bucks bespoke people and hand made shoes from Rocco's.

our lovely team of bar staff at Baranows

The guys at Baranows were fantastic! They created a gorgeous range of cocktails especially for our wedding day and managed to get Belvedere to sponsor the event with vodka and some cute paraphanalia as well. As usual, Jess from Sugadeaux did us a cake to die for!!!

Our amazing wedding cakes!

MaMa's wedding! Dave's pics

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all that made it to our day and their well wishes. I think one of the cutest things was my Dad telling me that he liked my new tattoo, seeing my mum freaked out about the size of it and 'the dress'. I'll leave you with some happy snaps.

card and well wishes

MaMa's wedding! Dave's pics

MaMa's wedding! Dave's pics

MaMa's wedding! Dave's pics

We loved our day, maybe not the hangovers the next morning though!

Friday, March 5, 2010

We should use snail mail more often...

The other week I found a scarf that I thought the lovely Miss Silje should have. I know her love of cute little chihuahuas so I popped the little parcel in the mail and it went all the way to Portland Oregon. Silje sent some adorable photos of her pup Cupcake wearing the scarf like a little prize winning fighter - it was very Rocky Balboa!

Last night after a long day at work, I discovered a parcel from the lovely Miss Silje! With a super gift!! I feel so privilaged to now own one of her hand made matryoshka dolls! You can own one too by going to her etsy store.

matryoshka 012

It also came with an adorable card. It must of been the day for adorable cards and matryoshkas as I also received an early wedding gift from one of my gallery volunteers. I'm feeling pretty special at the moment!

matryoshka 002

I guess the moral of this blog post is that it's lovely to send special gifts and hand written notes in the mail. The act of sending something and knowing how much they will love it, makes you feel pretty damn warm and fuzzy.

wedding card

So, get your pens out, find or make a cute card and send it to someone special! They will certainly feel special and so will you! (I'm not normally so gushy but it is pretty sweet!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New curtains soon... hopefully!

Mark and I live in a rented house, which we love. It's spacious, has a really good vibe to it, great kitchen and gardens to play in. The only thing is in our downstairs living areas, it has the ugliest curtains ever!! They look like some floral decorating 80s disaster and make our living areas look really old.

The old <hideous> curtains!

We had been talking about making some new curtains, even though we rent but after some calculations decided that it was too much of an expense to do as there are 2 really large windows to cover that are floor to ceiling. I can't tell you how excited I was when I went into ikea the other day and found this awesome simple yet bold fabric for $3.99 a metre!!! I bought a whole role for under $100!

cheapo ikea fabric

I can't wait to pull the old curtains apart (I'm going to reuse the thermal lining and just replace the outer fabric shell) and get these bold, scandanavian looking babies up! It's really going to make such a difference to our house!

New birdy ikea fabric

I also picked up this cute fabric with birds in weird city environments. After the curtains are completed, maybe a wacky looking dress will be completed in this fabric.

Yep, Ikea, I love you...
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