Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love it when someone else does the curating!

Align Centershopping Girl

(My tapestry, Shopping Girl, woven tapestry, wool, cotton and linen.)

Purely by chance, and also because I had forgotten that I had kind of committed myself to a couple of things, this last week has seen the following:
  1. Looks like my tapestry Shopping Girl will be going off on a touring exhibition run with a bunch of other fab tapestries made by 'studio weavers' who work outside of a workshop situation. The exhibition called A Matter of Time, is being curated by Anthony Camm from Ararat Regional Art Gallery and features works from their collection.
  2. I will also be presenting a lecture for the Embroiderers Guild in Malvern on August 2 about my art work and also my life as a curator. It is in the evening, so feel free to pop along and learn more about tapestry!
I do love it when a whole bunch of arty/tapestry things happen all at once! I had vaguely organized and made touch with people about these things before I went on leave, but you know... I went away, went shopping, got tattooed and married! Things happen! And I love it when someone else does the curating!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The first rule of knit club...

Knit Club

We held our second session of knitting and martinis at Baranows Lounge yesterday, or as it has jokingly called now, "Knit Club". We had some new faces during the session and there were many martinis drank! I started on an easy project (I didn't bring Mark's sweater in) so I could drink and not worry about dropping any stitches.

knitting and martinis

Even though there are many laughs, you can tell that we are taking it very seriously and concentrating alot! A big yay to Shannon who insisted she couldn't knit but has picked it up very easily... she's a natural!


I'm working with this great Vero yarn that is super soft, not too expensive and knits up really quickly. Both Shan and I are working on this cute garter stitch hat that looks a little bit 20s when it's completed. Don't worry I will post photos when it's completed.

Knitted hat

Thanks to David who brought in his collection of vintage knitting patterns, we all got very excited and had a few laughs at the old magazines and their photography. They were inspiring though.

The first rule of Knit Club is not to talk about Knit Club, the second rule of Knit Club is one row, one sip of a martini. If you're inspired we hold Knit Club at Baranows Lounge on every second Saturday from 2pm. Get your knit on!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hair inspiration...

New hairs blog

I got a hair cut the other day... went back to short. It's kind of weird as I had just sent this image of one of my works to the Embroidery Guild for a presentation that I am doing. See the resemblance? It's funny as this work is about when I fell in love with my husband Mark.... awwww... so sweet it makes you vomit huh?!

Detail of tapestry completed - guild talk

But with my new hair I'm taking on a new style icon, Louise Brooks, well she has always been a bit of a style icon. She kind of inspired my lady tattoo and was an inspiration for my wedding outfit too. Enjoy some cute photos that I found!

Louise Brooks

I think the above pic is from the film Pandora's box... not sure though.

Louise brooks

I do love women and guns! How tough yet stylish is Ms Brooks?!

Louise Brooks

And this is my favourite photo, pouring a drink! Who is your style icon?!

A dress for Jess... completed!

jess dress

So after 2 toilles, a couple of fittings the cute little lavender gingham sun dress is now finished for the ever lovely (but tough) Jess! It's been a little weird as it's been forever since I've sewed something that was for some one else. You get so used to the way your own body is and your size and what works that when you work with someone who has a body completely different (don't worry Jess, in a good way!) it does throw you! I should point out that I was on a mega deadline and finished this baby the day before Jess was flying out to USA!

Jess dress

This is the back of the dress, I really like the deep V in the front and back, hoping that the straps of the dress stay on Jess's shoulders as that V is wide! I think that even though there are aspects I would change next time, it's still a really cute dress that will look awesome while Jess is rocking out to great tunes and drinks at BBQ's in Austin Texas! If you want to keep up with her wonderful overseas antics you can follow Jess on twitter at @sugadeaux, you can follow me at @missmardi too!

I will post a photo of Jess in dress when we get a chance... rock on gingham!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Knitting & Martinis with Miss Mardi...

Knitting and Martinis session 1

(Liv doing great guns! Lauren taking a beer break!)

We held our first Knitting and Martinis group today and it was a great success! There was close to 15 people attending, all at different knitting and crochet levels but it sure was a lot of fun.

Knitting and Martinis session 1

(lots of yarn and cheese platters to keep us going!)

Knitting and Martinis session 1
(yeah! boys knit and crochet too!)

Some of our members started off on projects during the week in the hope of getting them done for Mother's Day tomorrow. David who has never crocheted before, got a bit of a helping hand from his staff at the MCC library in making a scarf (in Hawthorn football colours) for his mum.

(some pre crocheting happening at the MCC)


John also was caught on camera making some great progress on his lovely cable scarf while enjoying a glass of wine too!

Ginger knitting
(John trying out how to knit and drink and look stylish at home!)

Our newbies were doing great guns on their garter stitch. My lovely husband Mark even took up the needles and was doing a great job at his 6 pack carrier which is knitted with double yarn then felted to a sturdy carrier - whilst looking very stylish!

A huge thank you to the crew at Baranows Lounge for allowing us a fabulous venue, great cocktails and also some yummy cheese platters too. If you are interested in joining us, we are meeting every 2 weeks on a Saturday at Baranows. Email me at to join in!

Monday, May 3, 2010

fancy dinners and acting posh...

MCC event

Mark and I were incredibly lucky to go to the Annual MCC Fine Wine & Food Society dinner. It was a black tie event, so we got all dressed up an ate alot of food and drank alot of wine!
Above is us drinking a little entree soup out of tiny tea cups... we feel very Alice in Wonderland!

Mcc dinner

The best part about the dinner was we got to go with our partners in crime, Shannon and Dr. Cooper. Here we are all dressed up, Mark's wearing his black on black gingham tuxedo, tie by Paul Smith. I'm in Marimekko... Shannon, well I'm so proud that she didn't cover up her tattoos! I was too shy! And Dr. Cooper is parading a gorgeous handmade bow tie by David.

Mcc dinner

Naturally David (on the right) looks very dapper in the silk scarf we brought back from NYC as a thank you for taking care of Miss Nina.

We had a fabulous night... I will be posting more about the food and wine on my other blog here! I love a good night with great company and great food and wine! It's also a treat to uber dress up!
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