Monday, August 16, 2010

About Time: Australian Studio Tapestry 1975-2005


I'm in this exhibition which is at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery. This was posted by Tapestry 2008 blog.

About Time: Australian Studio Tapestry 1975-2005

About Time Australian studio tapestry 1975-2005 will be presented at Ararat Regional Art Gallery from 12 August to 26 September 2010. The exhibition presents tapestries by leading artist-weavers from Ararat Regional Art Gallery's permanent collection, alongside selected loans from public and private collections to highlight the key influences and formal and conceptual concerns that have shaped the character of studio tapestry during this formative period.

In the context of the exhibition, the term ‘studio tapestry’ refers to tapestries designed and created by independent artist-weavers outside of a collaborative environment, such as where production weavers interpret the designs by non-weaving artists.

‘About Time’ boasts some very significant tapestries by leading artist-weavers that reflect the aesthetics and concerns of each decade: bold and colourful abstract works of the 1970s, whimsical and expressive figurative works from the 1980s and more recent tapestries that examine the formal aspects of the time consuming and technically demanding weaving process itself.

The exhibition includes tapestries by Roma Center, Marie Cook, Liz Nettleton, Merrill Dumbrell, Alan Holland, Cheryl Thornton, Tess Crawford, Belinda Ramson, Gerda van Hamond, Kay Lawrence AM, Tass Mavrogordato, Valerie Kirk, Kate Derum, Cresside Collette, Tim Gresham, Sara Lindsay, Robyn Daw and Mardi Nowak.

Ararat Regional Art Gallery Director, Anthony Camm said, “ ‘About Time’ highlights the Gallery’s richly diverse sub-collection of studio tapestry and forms part of our ongoing commitment to presenting our permanent collection in new and interesting ways”.

“The exhibition reveals the potential for the sustained expansion of this unique sub-collection as a nationally significant repository for Australian studio tapestry into the future”, he said.

‘About Time’ is accompanied by a catalogue funded through the Gordon Darling Foundation. The catalogue features an essay by the exhibition curator Anthony Camm and short essays by established artists Kay Lawrence AM and Sara Lindsay and emerging artist Hilary Green, which explore the current ‘state of play’ with reference to their own practices and experiences.

An associated exhibition, ‘Some Small Way: small and miniature tapestries’, mostly from Ararat’s permanent collection, is presented until 17 October 2010 to augment the presentation of ‘About Time: Australian Studio Tapestry 1975-2005’.

‘About Time’ will tour Victoria with the support of the Regional Exhibitions Touring Initiative (RETI) and will be presented at Horsham Regional Art Gallery and Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Maryborough in 2011

Ah, rocking the holiday fashions...

Washingon 2010 001Align Center

I'm not much of a 'hot weather' person so coming from the Australian winter into some pretty darn hot weather in Washington DC and New York was quite challenging for me in the fashion stakes! So here's what I've been rocking during my trip away to stay cool.

Loving these mustard shorts from the Gap, they were super cheap and a great colour, very comfy too!
More stripes

For me, Summer is always about great nautical stripes which I have been wearing ALOT of! I love stripes in black and white, navy and white... it's always fresh with denim and flip flops or a little skirt.

San Francisco stripes
And I love stripes that are thick too! Before I left on my trip away I made a cute little grey and black stripey dress that is super comfortable and quick to make too!

holiday fashions 010
You can check it out on burdastyle here.
It's a little strange to be back into the Melbourne weather after such heat but don't worry, I'll be bringing these cute stripes again soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Morning Washington!

Good morning Washington
(view from my window this morning)

It's a bit of a whirl wind tour of Washington DC! I decided to come to town as I really wanted to see the Yves Klein exhibition at the Hirshhorn. But more about that later!

I ended up leaving San Francisco yesterday which was a little sad but I also had five days there so I felt like I had accomplished alot! One of the things that I adore about San Francisco is the ease of getting from the city to the airport, the train is simple and quick and best of all, quite cheap! I wish that we had something similar in Melbourne...

So I managed to get to the airport in great time, the folk at Virgin America were awesome as usual with sorting out my luggage and during my waiting time, I utilised the free wi-fi at the airport. (Oh, San Francisco airport, you really are up there!) Unfortunately, my plane got delayed by about an hour due to the low fog in the morning, so there was more waiting and more Facebooking!

The delay meant that instead of arriving in Washington DC at 8pm, it was more like 9pm. I was thankful that my luggage was the very first off the baggage carousel (yep, that NEVER happens) and that I had booked my ticket on the super shuttle to get me to my hotel. The international airport is quite a hike out of town and I arrived at about 10pm to check in. I actually hadn't eaten since breakfast so I headed to the bar to grab a burger and a couple of beers to take up to my room. The Sierra Nevada brews and the angus burger tasted sooooo good. Like I hadn't eaten in weeks. There is something so satisfying about that first beer and food after many hours of nothing. Caught up in the excitement, I forced myself to bed to get a good sleep before waking early to get my 'museum on'. So many museums... so little time.... ARGHHHH!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting arty in San Francisco...

I spent my last full day in San Francisco looking at two of my favourite galleries, SFMOMA and the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

SFMOMA had an excellent display for their 75th anniversary. Some of my favourite elements of this exhition was the way they focussed on the different directors, their collecting period and the things they came up against! I loved seeing some of the letters from patrons who were outraged with 'controversial' acquisitions and the curator's responses to them. It is something that still happens today so it was comforting to see that some things never change.
Sfmoma tweetsAlign Center

Typewriters at sfmoma

The display on how the museum kept running (although on a much smaller scale) during WWII and how they felt it was their duty to show art for the people even in such tough times. The display was very well put together and showed great focus on how their collection was put together.

The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco is always on my 'must see' list. They always have the most fascinating exhibitions and their installs are also pretty amazing. I would like to say that whoever designs their exhibitions has very similar curatorial sensibilities to myself! As it wasn't that long since I had been in San Francisco, there were two exhibitions that I had already seen at the museum, but there were also two new ones that were very thought provoking and beautiful.

Contemporary Jewish museum

The Maira Kalman display was fun, quirky and had an excellent direction in story telling. In terms of the installation, I loved the mixture of objects, textiles and small drawings and watercolours. I also loved how they butted all of the little frames up together, something which isn't normally done but it added to the beautiful chaos of the show. I was quite unfamilar with her work, but definitely will do some more research!

The Re-inventing Ritual: contemporary art and design for Jewish life display was simply amazing. It was a very brave display showcasing some incredibly inovative artists and designers who are playing with the traditional motifs and objects of jewish ritual. For me some of the most interesting work was the work that investigated and contradicted the ideas of gender specification in many of the rituals. For some women artists, they wanted to see what the rituals for Jewish men were all about, to demystify the rituals. It was simply a beautiful exhibition, I think that it may travel internationally so if you have the chance - go see it!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting around the bay area...

Animal grooming San franciscoAlign Center

Wow, first real day in San Francisco and it seemed really busy. I got my phone all sorted out so I'm back on a USA sim card and I love having my unlimited data (thanks t-mobile boys).

For some reason, I always feel the jet lag while I'm on the west coast. It's probably because the time difference isn't so much, but enough for it to be a pain in the butt. After going to bed early, I forced myself to get up at 7.30am and do some normal stuff... like get coffee and chat to my NYC friend Evan on the phone.

I also caught up with my friend Hanna, so good to see her! She is working at Idle Hand in the Haight now and I'm sure that she is loving all the great dog shops and dog parks nearby. I'm catching up with her tomorrow for a little bit of work... very exciting. She always seems to know exactly what I'm into which is why I love her work.

Window shopping retro sewing machine

I did alot of window shopping today, made a few small purchases and wandered around taking in the sights. I'm glad to come back to a city and discover the things that I still like are still where they were and occassionally some new things have popped up as well. Crate and Barrel have loads of cute stuff, above is a shot from one of their windows featuring lots of Marimekko. I wish we had Crate and Barrel in Australia!

Cako cupcakes

A trip in San Francisco isn't complete without a cupcake or two from Cako! I got the carrot and walnut - delicious and the red velvet. Their cream cheese icing is a bit light and fluffy for my liking but the cakes are super delicious! I can't believe that I'm missing out on Sugadeaux's new flavour tasting back in Melbourne... the things you miss while you are an international traveller!

I went to one of my favourite knitting stores in San Francisco - Imagiknit up on 18th street and amazingly came out with no yarn! I did get a great new knitting magazine with loads of insipirational things. I ended the day at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, always a favourite! The current exhibition by Clare Rojas is simply amazing. It takes over the whole space and most of it was specifically installed and created for this show. It utilizes huge walls with Roja's painted beauties on them. The film piece which reminded me of a modern day dadaist triumph was also a highlight. This is such a great little museum, they do really edgy shows and the staff are great too.

Tomorrow I'm spending the day with Hanna, so stay tuned!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I just keep travelling...

Waiting at Melbourne airport
(My view at Melbourne airport)

After a busy few days at work, I finally got myself on a plane and headed to San Francisco. The flight that I took was a little different to usual. I flew MELB - LAX, LAX -SF. Note to self, do NOT do this flight again!!! LAX was crazy busy, even at 7.30am on a Sunday. The only good part was that I actually got to walk outside in the Los Angeles air when I had to briskly walk/run from international arrivals to domestic departures, allowing me to catch a good glimpse of the airport. Unfortunately after all this rushing to make the 9.20am boarding time, the lovely folk at American Airlines made us sit on a cramped plane on the tarmac for about 2 hours!! Note to American Airlines: I know you feel relaxed with the plane door open but I can still see your staff, sitting around drinking coffee. You know, when passengers are sitting on a plane for 2 hours, it wouldn't kill ya to offer us some beverages! Yeah, even just water!!!

Ergh... well I did make it in one piece and in all honesty, when I got to San Francisco airport, it was all smooth sailing getting on a train and heading to my awesome hotel! I decided to stay somewhere different in San Francisco and so far I'm pretty happy with my choice. It's walking distance to the Burger Bar, rooms are pretty spacious, has a walk-in robe, full size bath (with rubber duck and bath bubbles! squeal!) and is decorated in a lovely 1920s dark wood and green decor. The chairs I just want to try and pop in my bag to take home!

Hotel room in San Francisco
(cute hotel in San Francisco)

After a quick shower and discovering that my hair conditioner had been squished in my bag and leaked in the plastic bag - ewww but luckily not over my clothes, I headed down to the Burger Bar. One of the great things about travelling alone is that I can walk straight ahead of the huge cue at the Burger Bar and get seated immediately! I sat at the bar and downed a pint of peroni beer off tap and a serve of burger sliders... yep, all tasted sooooo good! After a little bit of window shopping, my poor exhausted self has just chilled out in my gorgeous room.

Tomorrow? I have a few chores but I think it's time to hit some galleries! Yeah, it's lovely to be back in familiar San Francisco.
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