Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Bison goodness...

Bison tea bowls

I have become quite addicted with Bison ceramics.  My friend David introduced me to the product and started buying me some of the small products as gifts.  When Mark and I got married we were lucky enough to be given quite a few different bowls to make our stash even larger.  I recently bought these super cute 'tea bowls' (pictured above) which we use for our morning coffee. Even though they don't have handles, they are thick enough that you don't burn your hand.

Nesting bowls from Bison ceramics

One of the most lovely things about Bison is that they come in the most desirable colours!  Each season they have something like 20 different colours and tints that I just want one in everything!  I don't mind having different coloured plates and bowls and that they don't match, I think that is part of the fun of Bison.

Our loot from Bison ceramics

My latest loves of theirs are the egg cups and tiny milk jugs.  They are so small that they almost look doll like.  I also am loving their pastel colours, quite a change from the bold reds that I currently have.  Definitely go and check them out.  I'm sure that you will want a few Bison products in your home too!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gorgeous Swedish Clogs!

Cute Swedish Clogs from Ugglebo... this sandal design is Vienna.
The Milan Swedish clog.

I am sooo excited that I have ordered 2 pairs of super super cute Swedish style clogs from the lovely folk at Ugglebo.  They have been absolutely lovely, answering my questions about sizing and if you are unsure of your size, you can even send them a trace of your foot and they will sort it all out for you!

I've ordered two pairs, the first pair is the Vienna Sandal.  I ordered it in a plain black leather with a dark wooden sole.  I can see it with stylish summer dresses and pants for summer.  The second pair is the Milan clog, this one has a bit of a mary jane style about it and I ordered it in a metallic leather in a lovely pewter colour with the natural wooden sole.  Again, I think this will be great for summer but will also look lovely with tights in the cooler months too.

The folk at Ugglebo have so many designs and colours that the choices are endless!  It does make it very difficult to make up your mind on what colour you want!  I see in the future, many other orders!  The company has a fascinating history which you can read about here.

I can't wait for them to turn up via the post.  Stay tuned for a fashion showcase when they turn up!  You can order online from the Ugglebo website direct and they currently have a discount if you order 2 pairs!  So get your Swedish clog on!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Cat; little cat...

Mark and Nina

Big cat pretending that he is little cat.

Nina tail
A flash of little cat, probably running to get some dinner.

I am medium cat in this family.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vintage Shot Glasses

Vintage Swedish shot glasses

Yes, I am a total sucker for buying all sorts of Scandanavian goodies at one of my favourite stores Nord Living in Hawthorn. I spyed these adorable vintage shot glasses the other day and just had to have them! I believe that they are Swedish and I got a set of 6! They feel great in your hand and are perfect for sipping delicious vodkas!

Vintage Swedish shot glasses

I love their little bobbly bits on the outside too. It's so great that I found them as I was thinking the other day how we needed some new flash shot glasses. All of ours currently don't match and they are more for measuring too.

Vintage shot glass

I can't wait to try these babies out! I probably should wear a lovely Scandinavian frock while drinking... maybe one of my cute Marimekko's.... hmmmm....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Couch!

I am soooo excited! I have ordered us a new couch! I know that it seems like such a small and very domesticated thing but our old couch is starting to fall apart. The leather is torn, it's flaking little bits of red leather all over the carpet and it's not quite as springy as it used to be.

Investing in a new couch is such a chore! We had decided that we had to have leather again with our lovely Miss Nina as indoor kitties love to scratch fabric furniture. Also we are only replacing our 2.5 seater as the other one is still in good condition.


After much research we have ordered the couch above from Plush Furniture, except ours will be in a great bright red leather. It also has two recliner sections!!! So we can put our feet up while watching movies! How luxurious! A big thanks to my pal (and other husband) John for helping me test couches out in the store! He has a good eye! Now we just have to wait for it to be made and delivered.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What goes on during a Saturday evening...


What happens at Casa Mama on a Saturday evening? Lots of delicious snacks and putting a packet of pirate temporary tattoos on! Yes, here we are with some super cute skulls on our cheeks.

Face tattoo

Here I am showing off the latest skull tattoos on my cheeks! We were laughing so much as all of us have real tattoos and then we had these crazy faux tattoos on... which ones were real?!! We made the boys put theirs on their necks! Hopefully they come off before we go to work!

A Saturday night isn't complete at our house without lots of music, bad dancing (that's usually from my sister and myself) and drinking our version of Russian Cocaine (belvedere vodka shots, lemon dipped in sugar and then drinking a espresso!) Yep, it all makes up for a funny evening.

Shopping list

I spyed that someone decided to fill in our menu list on the fridge too during the evening!


This was most likely the culprit! I love this quick snap of Shannon, she was completely unaware of the photo being taken and all her sequins are shining away! It was again, a totally fun night!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

In search of the perfect swimsuit...

I rarely go to the beach or to the pool, so when I even contemplate having to buy a new swimsuit I think that I start to sweat! Yep, the idea of flashing my white skin and all it's lumps and bumps isn't too exciting but I was forced to go into 'swimwear buying' mode recently as I'm heading to Queensland with friends for a short beach holiday!

I started to look around on the internet at swimwear options and it wasn't too exciting... I wanted something that would cover my bottom easily but was cute and stylish too.

I even started to look at making my own swimwear! Crazy huh?! The images above are from Kwiksew and although they don't look too bad, I don't think that I would be confident in making a bathing suit!

I spyed this beauty at ModCloth. A cute retro looking number and look! the girl is pale with dark hair and totally rocking this look! Yes, I want a cute polka dot bikini but who buys swimwear from the internet without trying it on? Certainly not me!

Polka dots

But then success! A cute retro inspired bathing suit from Target! It was cheap, it fits, it's cute and doesn't look completely weird with my ink! Who would of thought that target could come up with the goods? (and yes, I do feel a little weird posting a pic of myself in a bikini top! But I suppose that you parade around in them at the beach for all to see!)
Polka dots for the win!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The lovely Kapten Hanna's blog!

My lovely Deco Lady (above) which was created by Kapten Hanna, recently featured on her blog! There are lots of other great tattoos which she has done quite recently too so you should definitely check out her blog here! She's also on twitter too for us fellow twitter geeks.
We love Hanna loads!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ogre the top blue...

Ogre the top blue nails!
When I was on holiday recently I became slightly obsessed with the bright new colours from the O.P.I nail polish company. I've been using their nail polish for ages and usually stock up on new colours while I'm in the USA. However while I was away, I came across this great series of colours that were inspired by the animated film Shrek! This lovely aqua colour is called 'Ogre the top blue' and I'm just loving it!

Blue nails and belvedere

I also love that this blue is nearly the same blue as the Belvedere labelling (yep, my favourite vodka). I couldn't help but take this matching blue snap! I did stock up on lots of crazy bright colours so stay tuned for 'nail updates'!

What? A black Marimekko dress?

Yes, readers, you all know of my love of Marimekko stuff so when I was in New York City recently I did do a bit of a buy up at their store! Above is one of the dresses that I purchased and I have to say that I love it! I know, a black marimekko dress? No wild and bold patterns? Ah but you see this little number allows you to wear crazy coloured stockings and bold jewelry and it is super comfortable.

I was drawn to the asymmetrical sleeve work, with one drapey sleeve and one tight fitting sleeve. The solid colour accentuates the bold garment design. Oh Marimekko, how I love you!
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