Sunday, February 27, 2011

About Time exhibition at Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Horsham exhibition 001
Entry to the exhibition that is now on it's tour program in Horsham Australia.

I was super pleased to be invited to travel to Horsham to speak about my work and career as a tapestry artist and curator at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery recently.  The exhibition About Time:  Australian Studio Tapestry 1975-2005 has been curated by Anthony Camm, director of Ararat Regional Art Gallery and will be doing a tour program of regional Victoria which will include Swan Hill and Maryborough after the Horsham dates.

Horsham exhibition 004
People chatting about the exhibition.

It was great to go and check the show out in Horsham as I have been a long time friend and colleague of their Director Adam Harding, so it was definitely lovely to go and check out his new temporary space (like me they are in the process of redeveloping their gallery).  Also, Adam had lovely things to say about me when introducing me on both days!

Being my tapestry
Me hamming it up for the camera as usual, trying to be the girl in my tapestry.

The exhibition is a great show.  I have been very proud to be part of it as there hasn't been too many exhibitions that celebrate the idea of 'studio tapestry' (tapestry made by artists in a solo environment, as opposed to tapestry made by a team of weavers - who aren't the original artists of the work, in a workshop environment).  I've never worked in a tapestry workshop, I do know lots of people who do as their day job and love it but it never has been for me.  I'm also pretty stoked to be the youngest artist represented and represent the last part of the exhibition- 2005.  I'd like to think the future of tapestry weaving!

Horsham exhibition 008
Me standing in front of my great mentor, Kate Derum's tapestry.  Part of the Ararat Regional Art Gallery Collection.

I was 'commissioned' to give two talks while in Horsham and it was lovely to produce public programs that are about my own interests and work rather than what I do at my gallery, Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn.  There is also a little bit more pressure when you are talking about yourself too!  I especially enjoyed giving the presentation to a group of VCE students from around the area.  My presentation was about my own practice, how social media and blogging effects and assists my work and how curating influences what I do and vice versa.  Hopefully that were inspired by it all and got some tips in terms of work methodology too!

Horsham tapestry article
Great article from the local paper in Horsham about the tapestry exhibition and my talks! (click on image to make bigger)

A huge thank you to Adam at Horsham for being such an awesome host, the lovely folk at Horsham House (the gorgeous Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at!) and also Anthony Camm from Ararat for arranging my tour program!

Ah, the future of tapestry...

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Sue Jones said...

wonderful mardi - wish i was able to be there to catch up with you too!

Love your blog too, always like to read about your shenanigans!

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