Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's off the loom!

Up so early I see hot air balloons from my studio!

It was a long weekend here in Melbourne and I was determined to get my tapestry finished and off the loom!  On both Saturday and Sunday, I got up early and still in my pj's, I set to work at my scaffold loom.  I was even up so early that I spied these hot air balloons drifting across the sky.  (I think it was about 7am!)

Honestly, this tapestry feels like it will never end!!!!

I had managed to get a reasonable amount done on the Saturday and started with what I like to call 'simple weaving' which was mostly background/plain weaving on Sunday morning.  You think that would be easy but there is something so daunting about that last little part at the end.

And in true colour...

And yes, finally it is done!!  It is so exciting to have it completed and off the loom.  It feels lovely and stiff (just the way I like my tapestry) and I did enjoy doing another large tapestry which the face was a very big part of it.  When I am weaving the face, close up it really is a blur, very abstracted shapes and shades that amazingly all seem to come together.  This one was a bit of a challenge as the original photograph was so blasted with harsh light that it was difficult to see any real definition and detail in the facial features, yes, I did take some artistic license on this one!

So now, on to the next tapestry!

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