Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roman Polanski films...

The Astor Theatre in Melbourne has been having a mini Roman Polanski film festival on Sunday evenings.  Last Sunday they had Knife in the Water and The TenantKnife in the Water was a very early Polish language film of Polanski's that I had never seen before.  The Tenant is one of my favourite Polanski films, I love the story line and also the beautiful French urban scenery.

I've added some screen shots of both films below, they are absolutely beautiful!

Knife in the water, beautiful Polish film
One of the final scenes from Knife in the Water.
Some interesting things about Knife in the Water:  apparently Polanski wanted to play the role of the young hitchhiker but was refused by the Polish Film authority (if that is what they are called?!) as they wanted someone better looking!

Polanski's above shots in Knife in the Water are stunning
I loved the above shots in Knife in the Water.
The guy who ended up playing the character had a very deep voice and in the end it was dubbed over by Polanski anyway.
Knife in the Water, film by Roman Polanski
Knife in the Water.
Knife in the Water was also the first Polish film to be nominate for the Best Foreign Film Oscar.

Knife in the Water, I believe they were playing strip 'pick up sticks' here- weird!
I believe that they were playing strip pick up sticks? Or was that lost in Polish translation?
Made in 1962, it is said that Knife in the Water forms part of a loose trilogy of films based around a psychological ménage-à-trois with Cul-de-sac (1966) and Death and the Maiden (1994). All three films feature a couple whose lives are turned upside down by an outside character.
Isabella Adanji in The Tenant, so beautiful!
The beautiful Isabelle Adanji in The Tenant.
I love the movie The Tenant, especially with Isabelle Adanji who is gorgeous in this film!  It also had Roman Polanski as the main character too (he acts quite well!)  It was made in 1976.

The tenant
Isabelle and Roman Polanski in the Tenant.
It is said that The Tenant along with Rosemary's Baby and Repulsion (all Polanski films) form another trilogy of works that explore the horrors of apartment and city living.  It's obviously a theme that Polanski digs and one that many viewers can relate to.

The tenant
Polanski in The Tenant.
If you have the chance to check out these films, do so!!!  There is still another 2 weeks of Polanski goodness at the Astor too!

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