Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Will this Weaving ever end?

Deadline weaving!!!!

So, I have been a wee bit slack in getting this tapestry off the loom.  Well, I went travelling, starting helping out for a fashion label, working and getting married.  You know how it goes.  However I have put a deadline on this tapestry and am madly trying to get it finished and out of the house!
Weaving on a deadline... Still

I always take photos of my work in progress mostly due to the fact that I weave many things on the side so in a digital age, it allows me to see the work the correct way up! (not that I have done that for these photos!)

Still weaving...

It also allows me to realistically see how much work I am getting done and also how far I have to go.  I have also found that many people like to see the work in progress as it allows them to see how a tapestry is made - it is demystified!
Stop sign girl tapestry details

Even though I'm still working like a crazy person on this work, I can see the end in the near future.  Especially now that I have managed to get some of the face in there, it's starting to look like something!
On the home stretch

I can't wait to start something new and see this baby completed!  I am very happy with how it is looking, I love the stop sign and the strong contrast between the coloured section and the torn billboard effect of the black and white.  Completed photos soon - hopefully!

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