Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baseball in Boston...

Red sox

While in Boston, we were super lucky to go to our first ever baseball game and what a game it was!  It was the opening game of the season of the Red Sox against the New York Yankees!  A huge thank you to our Boston hosts, Bud and Anita who gave us these tickets... it certainly was an experience!

Our seats were so close to the action!  The Red Sox hadn't been doing so well lately, we were hoping that we were going to be a bit of a good luck charm for them.  We also had decided that seeing it was our first ever baseball game that we were automatically Red Sox fans.

It was pretty chilly in Boston watching the game.  We did the traditional thing of having the Legal Seafoods Clam Chowder delivered to our seats by the dudes in the yellow shirts.  It's amazing that you can pretty much get anything in your seat!  We also had a 'Fenway Frank' - a hotdog too!  Definitely a cultural experience.

And we appear to have been a good luck charm to the Red Sox when they won!!!  Our first match and it was so exciting and naturally with the best outcome we could imagine!  I even fist bumped a Red Sox fan outside afterwards too!

Maybe it was the 'Green Monster Mittens' that I was wearing that brought all the good luck?

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david said...

Definitely the green monster mittens!!!

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