Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter...

Happy Easter
Bunnies, Miss Mardi and John!

Easter has been a little bit strange for us this year as we hopped on a plane from San Francisco on the Thursday and flew back to Australia throughout Good Friday, to find ourselves back home on Easter Saturday.  So because of this, you will have to deal with a slightly belated Easter blog post!

I couldn't help but buy this for an #Easter treat!

I was really starting to get into the Easter spirit this year seeing we were in New York and San Francisco.  All the delicious chocolate stores were full of gorgeous cacao treats and windows were bright and fun.  I had a special request from my sista to bring back some Reese's Peanut Butter Easter eggs - her favourite apparently.  I found them in a drug store but while I was on the Easter Egg hunt, I discovered the product above, Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails!  I am a sucker for cotton candy and had to have this, but I was a bit disappointed that it came out in a big multicoloured candy blob rather than the cute puffs as displayed on the packet!

Easter at mamas

Our lovely friend David had left a big supply of Easter Eggs for us to munch on (which I did so in bed!).  Included in the bundle was a bunch of my favourite eggs, Red Tulip caramel eggs!  Yum!!

Easter is coming!

We did smuggle some Easter treats back from New York too, including some pretty amazing chocolate eggs from Vosges Chocolate in Soho.  Their store was absolutely beautiful with cut outs of their signature bunny (shown above) and decadent displays of chocolate.  Definitely check out their website. 

So Happy Easter everyone, I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday with lots of treats!

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