Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There's a top 48 Tapestry Blogs?...

Top tapestry blogs

Wow, who would of thought that there was a list of Tapestry Blogs?  Definitely not me.  I received this link from someone else and thought I'd check it out as it is a pretty good resource.

I didn't expect to see my little old blog on this list.  Yep, I'm number 36!

Top tapestry blogs

I thought my description was pretty funny and the fact that my blog fell into the 'Blogs that Fall into Their Own Category'.  I guess it's because I talk about a million and one things on this blog, just not tapestry.

Check it out if you're into tapestry, there are some interesting and informative links. Though I could think of some other tapestry blogs that aren't listed, that probably would of got them to 50 blogs!  Oh well...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tapestry Preperation...

Girl with cat
Overview of what's going on in my studio! Cartoon, collages and yarn!

Even though I have been sick for the last week (I have bronchitis - yuck!), I've been slowly getting preperations ready for a new BIG tapestry.  I always love working big and I love having a big work on the loom to come back to you for awhile.  The loom has been warped up in the studio and I had been playing around with some new collages, trying to figure out what to weave next.

Yarn for new tapestry
I think I freaked out the girl serving me when I got these super bright yarns all together.

All of the new collages were still forming part of my Envelope Series and utilizing the 'Hello My Name Is' stickers.  It has made me collage a little differently by adding these elements into the works but I think that they also give them a strong base too.  The last lot of collages also were using much stronger geometric shapes, probably an influence of seeing the Sonia Delaunay exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum recently. (Loved it!)
Miss Nina likes to inspect my art work
Miss Nina inspects the cartoon, I love that the kitty is almost the same size as Nina.

The image that made it through to the 'weaving round' is definitely much brighter than my usual palette and I would say that this influence has come from some of the new Marimekko ranges, especially their last spring range.  There is something very appealing about these bright colours when they are converted into a textile medium.  It's like lollies and you just want to eat them up!  It was funny as I had posted some of the collages on to insta.grm and it was interesting that a bunch of people picked this one!  Even people I didn't know.  Not that I used a voting poll to select what to weave next, it was interesting to get some instant feedback.  Gotta love social media for that!

girl with cat
The collage, title still to come.

So the cartoon has been printed out, I do have a little bit of work to do on it as they had trouble fitting it all on to one sheet.  The scale is approximately 1.5 metres in height and about 1 metre in width, yep, it's BIG!  I can't wait to make a start on it this weekend!  Stay tuned for weaving update posts.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside...

Moss stitch cowl

I love Winter!  That is probably why I always seem to travel overseas when their weather is cooler to escape the warm weather in Australia, weird? Yes.   When we arrived back from the USA recently, I had managed to stock up on some lovely warm goodies thanks to the sales and the very strong Australian dollar!  However, travelling also allowed me to get some knitting in and I finished this very toasty cowl recently.  With Melbourne weather at a high of 13 degrees Celsius today (and I would say it feels lower due to wind chill!), this cowl has definitely come in handy!

Moss stitch cowl

If you happen to be on Ravelry, then you can check out the details of this Moss Stitch Cowl online here at this link.  The pattern is free, very easy and addictive!  I am currently making another cowl with a slightly modified version of the pattern.  It is something to keep me warm and toasty in the studio!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Very Marimekko Winter...

I am totally drooling over all the lovely winter items from Marimekko in this runway show.  They talk about that their key looks were layering of patterns together, chunky boots and clogs and using everyday street style as their inspiration.  I'm loving it all!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini collages for mini tapestries...

Shape sample

I have been reworking some collages into the dimensions of 20 cm by 20 cm to weave a series of small tapestries.  It has been refreshing to go back and crop loads of collages into this square format as it gives them a whole new feel and vibe.  Some of the collages that originally I didn't think worked, now appear new and have a fresh vigour.

20 x 20 collage...

Some of the collages are from the Envelope Series that I have been working on, others are much older.  I guess I never really throw an image away.

Playing with collages for next tapestry

My main aim when weaving this images up is to work quickly and not to fuss over the details.  I want to approach the weaving almost like the collages, intuitively and spontaneously.  I will be working on an 18 gauge warp, so they aren't too delicate and the level of detail will be blurred in some parts.

Letter e

The series of collages are for a show in Lithuania and I'm playing with the ideas of shadows and silhouettes as an idea of light and darkness, life and death, then and now.  I will talk more about this in another post!


All of the tapestries are intended to be made in one session.  I wove the first one this weekend and managed to complete it in three hours!  It is such a change from the normal long term, large weaving that I normally do!

Small tapestry

And here is the completed first tapestry in the series!!  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I do need to think about how they will be displayed, will they be framed, or sewn onto little covered boards to give them some body and flatten them out a bit.  So one down, approximately four more to go!
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