Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside...

Moss stitch cowl

I love Winter!  That is probably why I always seem to travel overseas when their weather is cooler to escape the warm weather in Australia, weird? Yes.   When we arrived back from the USA recently, I had managed to stock up on some lovely warm goodies thanks to the sales and the very strong Australian dollar!  However, travelling also allowed me to get some knitting in and I finished this very toasty cowl recently.  With Melbourne weather at a high of 13 degrees Celsius today (and I would say it feels lower due to wind chill!), this cowl has definitely come in handy!

Moss stitch cowl

If you happen to be on Ravelry, then you can check out the details of this Moss Stitch Cowl online here at this link.  The pattern is free, very easy and addictive!  I am currently making another cowl with a slightly modified version of the pattern.  It is something to keep me warm and toasty in the studio!

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