Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Heart Amy Ahlstrom

Work by Amy Ahlstrom
NYC (2008) - 21" x 48" - Dupioni silk and cotton
(Courtesy of Amy's website at )

I stumbled upon Amy Ahlstrom's work and website the other day and WOW is her work absolutely amazing!  It is awesome to see an artist who is working with a very traditional art/craft form, such as quilts and giving it such a contemporary twist.  Her works have an amazing impact due to the use of colour and bold shapes and iconography.  

In her artist statement she says:

"My quilts are influenced by pop-art painters such as Mark Ryden and artists who have referenced a comic-strip drawing style such as Margaret Killgallen, in that I appreciate bold and graphic takes on images that are inspired by urban life.

Though it is textile art rather than drawing or painting, my work is most comparable to that of pop, lowbrow and graffiti artists. My quilts are modern art pieces that happen to be rendered in fabric. I take quilts out of a rural context and bring them into present-day urban environments.

My ReMix series of quilts are thematically and visually dense, full of sampled layers of meaning. They reflect the experience of city life, as seen through the graffiti, signs, and buildings present in every city. They serve as an anthropological record of an urban neighborhood, in that the images that I capture are constantly in a state of flux."

You should definitely check out Amy's website but if you are in the San Francisco area, you can check out her work as it is currently on show at a.muse gallery.  Visit for more information.

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