Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yellow Obsession...

I remember as a child that my parents had bought me this bright yellow plastic raincoat.  I think it came from an army disposals and at the time I really hated it.  It was thick and chunky, definitely kept the rain off but I didn't think it was all that attractive and the other kids thought it was pretty hilarious and made fun of me.

Thinking about it now, maybe it was the start of my weird yellow obsession.  There is something about the colour which is so bright and cheery and if you have black hair like me, it definitely suits you without your skin going some weird colour.  I'd probably kill for that yellow raincoat now!

Yellow marimekko
Yellow Marimekko bag.
Studio day 26 may 2011
Yellow tapestry yarn in my studio.

The yellow thing has been seeping into my tapestries over the last couple of years.  I love the acidity of the yarn when it is yellow.  Something very desirable about it!  I almost can't describe how much I want to eat it! He,he!  And when it comes to desirable, I HAD to have the giant schlep bag that was released for Marimekko this spring.  It is huge!  It holds so much and adds such a huge block of colour to any outfit.  I love it!

The great yellow cowl
The Yellow Peril cowl that I recently made.

I had actually bought the yarn to make this cowl while we were in San Francisco, the Marimekko bag came after, so the 'yellow thoughts' were already there.  I jokingly called it the Yellow Peril here, a reference to the derogatory name of the Vault sculpture here in Melbourne... funny how when people don't understand art that they make fun of it.  I actually quite dig the sculpture with it's minimalist ways and triangular shapes.  It's quite desirable to me!

I wonder how much more yellow is to come into my life?  Are there any colour therapy people out there that knows what all this yellow means?

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