Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Help Knitted Bliss Style...

Knitted bliss

Wow! The world of twitter and the internet... it amazes me at times!  I have been knitting for some time but every now and again you need some help.  I often go to Ravelry or other places online to see how other people are approaching their knitting problems.

Thanks to the wonders of twitter, I tweeted at the amazing Grainline (check out her gorgeous website!) with a question about knitting sweaters in the round.  Jen from Grainline then tweeted my question to the lovely Julie from Knitted Bliss who I emailed and my questions solved!

Wow!  These gals are in Canada and are solving my little old knitting problems here in Melbourne Australia!  Isn't the internet and social media amazing sometimes?

If you're into knitting and all things fuzzy, stylish and beautiful I totally recommend checking out their websites:

Enjoy and be inspired!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weaving Kitties... tapestry update...

Mirror Images...

I always take photos of the large works in progress, it allows me to see how they look the right way up as I'm usually weaving the image on the side.  I've been loving playing around with the Iphone diptic application so I can take slices of works from the last time I worked on them to now.  I can see how much I've done in a few hours.

Before and After.

I can also flip the images and create neat little mirror images and patterns... It's like collaging on my phone!  Who would of thought you could do that?!

In Progress...

Here's a shot of how it is looking as a whole.  Even though there are lots of flat areas to weave, I have to say that it's been quite challenging to get those diagonal lines straight and also to keep inspired weaving such plain areas.  Because of the way this tapestry is laid out, there are definite areas that need to be woven before any other weaving can be completed.

Been weaving a cat bottom! #tapestry
Cat bottom...
And really, who doesn't love weaving a cat's bottom?!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Making a New York Cape

New York cape
Wool fabric and New York Cape Pattern.

I've always loved a cape and a poncho!  I'm not sure why but there is something about the swish of the fabric and the way you can hide your arms underneath.  I do own a few capes but when I spied this button up version with a hood from the Tessuti folk, I knew that I would have to give it a go!  You can visit their website for all kinds of fabric goodness.  Be warned it's very tempting!

Their cute packaging ribbon and postcards.

You can check out the Tessuti blog post about the New York Cape pattern and some beautiful images of some made up!  As you can see from the top image, I've decided to go with a pretty graphic orange and black large hounds tooth print which is quite playful.  Don't worry you won't miss me in a crowd.  Unfortunately the New York Cape pattern was sooooo popular that they sold out online!  If you keep an eye on their online store, I'm sure that they will recreate it for you cape lovers out there.

A note of encouragement from Colette at Tessuti.

I still need to get some stuff for my cape, buttons and binding as it isn't lined.  Oh and set some time aside to make this cute hooded baby!  The way I've been so busy of late, I'll probably be wearing it in New York in their Winter! 

Check out the lovely folk at Tessuti and definitely visit their store in Melbourne, the girls are lovely and very knowledgeable!  We heart Tessuti!
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