Friday, July 1, 2011

Making a New York Cape

New York cape
Wool fabric and New York Cape Pattern.

I've always loved a cape and a poncho!  I'm not sure why but there is something about the swish of the fabric and the way you can hide your arms underneath.  I do own a few capes but when I spied this button up version with a hood from the Tessuti folk, I knew that I would have to give it a go!  You can visit their website for all kinds of fabric goodness.  Be warned it's very tempting!

Their cute packaging ribbon and postcards.

You can check out the Tessuti blog post about the New York Cape pattern and some beautiful images of some made up!  As you can see from the top image, I've decided to go with a pretty graphic orange and black large hounds tooth print which is quite playful.  Don't worry you won't miss me in a crowd.  Unfortunately the New York Cape pattern was sooooo popular that they sold out online!  If you keep an eye on their online store, I'm sure that they will recreate it for you cape lovers out there.

A note of encouragement from Colette at Tessuti.

I still need to get some stuff for my cape, buttons and binding as it isn't lined.  Oh and set some time aside to make this cute hooded baby!  The way I've been so busy of late, I'll probably be wearing it in New York in their Winter! 

Check out the lovely folk at Tessuti and definitely visit their store in Melbourne, the girls are lovely and very knowledgeable!  We heart Tessuti!


Miss said...

OOoh, nice fabric! I bought the pattern too, and am making it in black. I've nearly finished the hood, and know I"m going to make it again already!
Look forward to seeing your finished production.

miss mardi nowak said...

Thank you! It's pretty out there fabric but I figure I have so many black jackets I may as well have something crazy! I haven't even started mine so you are doing well!

Miss said...

Hello again!

I'm much further on now - just up to the point of matching the fronts and the front facings and applying the lovely wool binding.
But, alas, the front facings are slightly shorter than the fronts... Which is going to cause me no end of bother. I don't want to shorten the whole cape, so am figuring out whether to add 1/2" of lining fabric to the bottom of the facing. Messy, yukky.

Am trying to work out what's gone wrong - shoulder seams seem right. I've laid the paper pattern pieces together and it seems they are 1/4" shorter... Also wonder if I've slightly shrunken my wool fabric - I sprayed the woven interfacing with water as it lay on the fabric, before I ironed it on - I have always done this, learned it in a tailoring class. Also, I had to cut the interfacing crosswise not lengthwise - wonder if this has shortened the length a bit. Not sure if all these things together have contributed to me losing almost 1/2" on the length of the front facing.

Sorry, that's a long comment. Anyway, maybe look out for this issue when you make yours - will be interested to hear if it's just me... Sigh.

miss mardi nowak said...

Hmm... that sounds troubling. I may take the cautious road and do a muslin for this pattern before I cut out my mega orange wool!

In terms of pre-shrinking wool I found this post from this lovely guy in Maine, USA very informative. I haven't tried it but have to say that I am prepared to give it a go with my orange wool.

Also, have you emailed the Tessuti folk? Maybe they have an answer to your problem? I am curious to find out the answer!
Good Luck! Mardi :-)

Miss said...

I don't think you'll need a muslin - it's otherwise very easy to make up - a pleasure to sew really, especially as I love binding seams etc. Strange, I know. It's a good size, too. It's just these darned front facings!

I work near the shop, so will take my cape in tomorrow and have a chat. I've decided to use some of the wool binding to make up the 'gap'.

Thanks - it's good to have a 'conversation' about sewing!

Colette said...

Email me ladies, I can explain what may have happened to Miss's facings.

Sorry to eavesdrop on your conversation! And hope it's not too late :)


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