Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Talking Tapestry in Swan Hill...

Swan hill tapestry talk

The touring exhibition About Time:  Australian Studio Tapestry 1975 to 2005 is currently on show at the Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery until 14 August.  I made the trip up there last Saturday to present a talk about studio tapestry and my own practice as an artist and a curator.

Swan hill tapestry talk

This was my second talk in the series that I am giving as part of the touring exhibition.  It took a slightly different approach from the Horsham talks as my audience was much broader.  It gave me the opportunity to talk a little bit more about what tapestry is, how studio tapestry is different to workshop tapestry and also to highlight some recent works which I have completed too.

Swan hill tapestry talk

I always enjoy taking some tapestries with me for the talk as it gives the audience the opportunity to get up close and personal with the works.  The rules of 'don't touch' in the gallery can be thrown out and people can see how the works are finished, what they look like from the back and also see the individual threads that make up the weft.  It was lovely for me to see some recent works all laid out together too, I can't wait to see them up on a wall together for an exhibition soon!

The audience at Swan Hill were awesome.  My parents came along to hear the talk and there were some artists and art teachers that asked some great questions too.  I think people left with a greater understanding of tapestry and also my working methodology and how everything I do, whether it be curating, making art or just life in general; feeds into each other. 

About Time:  Australian Studio Tapestry 1975 to 2005 heads to Maryborough next and will be at the Central Goldfields Art Gallery from 4 September until 9 October.  I will be presenting two talks at this location too but will let you all know details a bit closer to the date!

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