Friday, September 9, 2011

Bit of model posing for The Carisbrook Mercury!

the carisbrook mercury
Me and my supermodel pose!

I was in Maryborough last weekend to present a floor talk and to officially launch the last installment of About Time: Australian Studio Tapestry 1975 to 2005.  It was great to be at the Central Goldfields Art Gallery under the watchful eye of the director there, Kay.  (Kay was awesome!)

On the next day, I also presented to a group of year 11 and 12 students about my arts practice and curating.  Presenting to students is something that I always enjoy as I remember what I was like at that age and how inspiring it was to meet other artists.  I was very chuffed that one of the students wrote in the visitor's book, "You're work is really cool and I like your dress too."  That totally made my day!

And I feel like I'm totally matching Sara Lindsays tapestry today!!
Marimekko dress and a detail of Sara Lindsay's tapestry.
I had to put together this detail of my Marimekko dress alongside the detail of Sara Lindsay's tapestry, we totally were matching!  Many of the visitors to the gallery found it quite amusing that my dress matched the works!  (Also, this dress got quite a lot of compliments!  I love Marimekko!)

Maryborough exhibition
My work on the right at Central Goldfields Art Gallery.

This is the last stop on the tour of this exhibition.  It's been great seeing the show at the different venues and the responses.  I think I will miss heading out rural way to chat to the crowds!  Thanks to Anthony Camm for curating this great show.!

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