Friday, October 7, 2011

Feeling the Ugglebo Clog Love!

Me in my cute metallic Ugglebo Clogs.

As you all know, I have a HUGE love of all things Scandanivian.  There is something so slick and beautiful about their design as well as being practical!  Last year the lovely Sofia from Nord Living put me onto Ugglebo Clogs and well, I haven't looked back!  The guys there were awesome and happily made me up two pairs of cute clogs to my specifications.

It seems that fashion has followed along and everyone is sporting gorgeous wooden heeled clogs! Yep, finally we've all decided that comfort (as well as good looks) are the way to go.  Having a dad that was a boot maker by trade, I know the importance of a stylish shoe that is also good for your feet too so my love affair with Ugglebo Clogs has meant that our fling is now a serious relationship!

Some of the clogs on offer for the new season at Ugglebo.

I've been drooling over the latest range from Ugglebo Clogs for their Fall/Winter Collection 2011.  I especially have my eye on the gorgeous teal coloured clogs with studs (featured at the bottom right in above photo).  I have a few dresses that these will look amazing with!

The Shearling boots from Ugglebo.

Though the boots that make me go "OMG!" are the high shearling boots!!!  I described these to a friend of mine as 'tough ugg boots'.  The gorgeous shearling fleece will keep your legs warm, while the Ugglebo wooden foot bed will keep your feet in good health.  Win, win situation isn't it!  Even though we are going into Spring here in Australia, I think that I will get a pair of the boots now for Winter anyway.  I mean, with the crazy Melbourne weather we have been having, I could probably wear them now anyway!

The factory process at Ugglebo.

The best part of my love of Ugglebo Clogs is that the awesome guys there have given me a 15% voucher to use on my next order (watch out teal coloured clogs!) The even better part is I can share it with my fellow fashionistas!

So head to and use mardi15 at the checkout for 15% off your order, my fellow clog lovers!  I'd love to see your photos if you grab a pair too!  Hit me up clogsters!!!

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