Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round up: Vanish/Survive Exhibition

Vanish/ survive exhibition catalogue
The Vanish/Survive catalogue.

It's been a while since the exhibition Vanish/Survive was on show at ARKA gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania but I thought I'd do a bit of a round up seeing my works arrived home the other day.

I had three works in the exhibition and my take on the theme of Vanish/Survive was about shadows and silhouettes.  In terms of tapestry, I'm always very interested in shadows and silhouettes and how they translate into the woven form.  For me, a shadow alone is something that is fragile and almost deathlike.  It isn't alive at all.  But there is something that survives to create the shadow or silhouette, it is alive.

textile (17)
Some installation shots of the exhibition, courtesy of the gallery.

The gallery sent me some photos of the installation and as you can see it was a diverse, yet quite beautiful show.  I love the look of the gallery with it's airy ceilings lined with beams and beautiful wooden floors.  I would of loved to have gone to see the exhibition and I have to say when I do go and visit Lithuania, I will definitely be going to check out ARKA gallery!

textile (5)
If you look carefully, my series of works are on the back wall to the left!

I was very happy to get my tapestries home from the show.  It's always like sending your babies to boarding school.  You sometimes forget what they look like and then they come home and you think, "wow, they look better than I remember!"  The works came back with a copy of the catalogue.  I loved flicking through and seeing all the other works in the show.  It's great when a catalogue has images of all the works that were in the exhibition.

Vanish/ survive exhibition catalogue
My entry in the catalogue in English and Lithuanian.

I also love seeing the translations of my titles into another language.  I remember having my work translated into German and now into Lithuanian,,, I love the look of it!
A big thank you to the curators of the exhibition and ARKA gallery, they were such a great team to work with!

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