Friday, January 28, 2011

Heading to Horsham to talk Tapestry...

Playing The Game
Playing the Game, woven tapestry by Mardi Nowak.  Part of the exhibition About Time:  Australian Studio Tapestry 1975-2005.

My work is currently on display in this exhibition at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery.  I am heading over there in the next couple of weeks to also give some presentations about tapestry.  Should be loads of fun!

Below is taken from the HRAG website.  To find out more about the public programs, go here!

About Time: Australian studio tapestry 1975 - 2005
22 January – 6 March 2011

The exhibition is rare in its focus on the emergence and development of the Australian studio tapestry movement. The term ‘studio tapestry’ refers to tapestries designed and created by artist-weavers working outside of a collaborative environment, such as where production weavers interpret the designs by non-weaving artists.

‘About Time’ presents tapestries over a thirty year period by leading independant artist-weavers, beginning with several important early works which capture the optimism of the craft boom of the 1970s. The exhibition also explores how the independent studio tapestry scene was profoundly influenced, and indeed propelled, by the establishment of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop in 1976.

The featured tapestries reflect the aesthetics and ideas prevalent in each decade: bold and colourful abstract works of the 1970s, whimsical and expressive figurative works from the 1980s and more recent tapestries that examine the inherent formal aspects of the time consuming and technically demanding weaving process itself.

Most of the featured tapestries are from the Ararat Regional Art Gallery's permanent collection, but selected loans have been sourced from public and private collections to highlight the key influences and formal and conceptual concerns that have shaped the character of studio tapestry during this formative period. The exhibition includes tapestries by Roma Center, Belinda Ramson, Marie Cook, Liz Nettleton, Merrill Dumbrell, Alan Holland, Cheryl Thornton, Tess Crawford, Gerda van Hamond, Kay Lawrence AM, Tass Mavrogordato, Valerie Kirk, Kate Derum, Cresside Collette, Tim Gresham, Sara Lindsay, Robyn Daw and Mardi Nowak.

The exhibition highlights Ararat Regional Art Gallery’s richly diverse sub-collection of studio tapestry and is part of its commitment to interpreting and presenting its permanent collection in new and interesting ways. The potential and importance of the sustained expansion of this distinctive sub-collection as a repository for Australian studio tapestry is also explored in the exhibition.

Touring details:
Horsham Regional Art Gallery - 22 January to 6 March 2011
Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery - 1 July to 14 August 2011
Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Maryborough - 4 Sept to 9 Oct 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Heart Richie Benaud...

Yes, I may have a strange love for cricketing legend Richie Benaud but I believe it's because he is one of the great style icons of the game.  As a child growing up, I probably remembered him best for his television career post cricket playing, when he would don the beige suit.  No one else could wear the light coloured garb as well as he.  When you thought cricket, you thought of Richie and naturally the light coloured suit.  It really does takes a style icon of a man to pull this look off!

However, when I grew up and looked a little bit more into the style history of Mr. Benaud, I discovered that he really had been the style icon of cricket for many, many years.  When he was playing and captaining Australia his uniform style was casual, effortless and a little bit sexy!  He could be seen on the field in a loose white shirt, often with the sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned quite low with maybe only 5 to 6 inches of it tucked into his tailored trousers.  The style was confident.  It was a style that could take you from the game to having a cocktail in the south of France. Current Australian players could learn a thing or two about style from this photograph alone!

The ritchie

I was very excited to get to meet the man himself recently. Gone are the days of the beige suit Benuad as he moves into his later years of navy suits and pale pink shirts.  Dignified yet still playing within the game of fashionista with his hints of pink.  Richie Benaud is a man who always looks the part at any function and always in his effortless ways.

Richie Benaud, you are my cricket style icon!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting beardy....

I maybe more obsessed with beards than the average girl.  That is one of the reasons why I curated the exhibition Beardo which was at Town Hall Gallery at the end of last year.  As part of the exhibition the amazing folk from Barking Spider Visual Theatre created a work titled Beardo - a Tableaux Vivant.  The performers mingled through the crowds at the opening and caused quite the stir!  The youtube clip above shows some highlights of the performers in action.  I'm a firm believer in mixing up the mediums in an exhibition and having performance based art at an opening really gives the patrons a new way to appreciate the works on the wall as well.

While I was watching the clip from the Barking Spider Visual Theatre folk, I stumbled across this great promo clip for the documentary film Beardo.  This film covers the recent World Championship of Beard and Moustaches and was held in the USA, usually it is held in Europe.  I have a great interest in the film as the lovely Dave Mead whose amazing photographic portraits featured in the Beardo exhibition documented some of the characters who participated in this competition.  I can't wait for it to be released here in Australia!  Check it out, I love the scene of the bearded man in the pool, swinging his wet beard in all it's glory!  I'm also very fortunate to have purchased the six portraits by Dave Mead from the Beardo exhibition... yep my house is full of Beards!

Monday, January 3, 2011

So, what did we do in 2010...?


anita shoes
Anita's groovy Rocco shoes!
The MaMas came back from overseas into a whirlwind of work, wedding arrangements, birthdays and parties!  January is always a bit of a crazy month and we were glad to see our friends Bud and Anita visit during this time from their home in Boston.  We had a blast taking them to some of our favourite shops and restaurants and I was pleased to introduce Anita to Rocco shoes.  She did send some awesome photos of her Italian inspired shoes on the court too!  Amazing!

our veggie garden
Our veggie patch that grew and grew and grew....
February saw our veggie patch getting back in to order after time away.  My man worked so hard on making it bigger and better than ever and we definitely received great crops of broad beans, spinach and silverbeet.  It was great to see the little plants grow up from their tiny seeds!


The couple of the day
The married MaMas.
We got married, it was a big party with Mark having a four day hangover.  I loved my dress that my mum made and Mark's suit was very rocking too.  It was awesome to spend the day with some of our closest and oldest friends, lots of love in the house!


knitting and martinis
The first rule of Knit Club...
Let the knit fest begin!  We were all getting knitty with it and the thoughts of 'knit club' were beginning.  I really had brought back so much yarn from the USA that I had to start to use some of it!  Lots of my friends embraced the love of the knit and crochet and my lovely friend David really made 2010 the year of the man crochet, he just couldn't be stopped!  He was 'hooked' so to say!


Mcc dinner
The MaMas and the Shoopers all fancy!

Our posse got all posh and went to the MCC Annual Fine Food and Wine event, thanks to David.  We all got dressed up and enjoyed loads of wine and foodie treats at the MCG.  Shannon did laugh later on as it was probably the only time they have seen a girl flashing her tattoos at such an event!  Shannon you rebel!


Weapons of Mass Consumption leader
Artist, Adam Cruickshank with curator Ms Louisa Marks.

In the depths of our Winter, I was seeing us in the final preperation stages for Weapons of Mass Consumption exhibition with my mentee Louisa.  It was such a fantastic exhibition, great responses from our gallery audience and Lou worked so hard to present something that people will really remember.  I'm happy to have been a part of it!

My first knitted sock!
My first sock!
I knitted my first ever sock!  How excited was I?!  I was also helping out my friend Shannon with sewing samples for her fashion label. Really July was the month of craft and all things hand made in our household, there was pom poms, thread everywhere and a dedication to making things, oh, there was vodka being drunk at the same time too!


San Francisco from sfmoma building
Ah, San Francisco (as seen from the top of SFMOMA), I heart you!

In August I curated one of my favourite exhibitions, Re-invent, Re-interpret, Re-make and then left it to it's own devices to travel overseas by myself to check out some exhibitions.  It was the first time that I had visited Washington DC and it was great to head back to NYC to catch up with friends, who are practically like family.

Sista's playing up!

Wow, August and September were just crazy!  I did so many things and hung out with friends alot!  I think we spent most of our weekends creating little dinner parties.  We had a blast with all of these dinner parties with the posse of the Coopers, David and the MaMas.


Gingerbread fox
Let the great gingerbread baking begin...

I went on a bit of a crazy gingerbread making frenzy, making all kinds of gingerbread animals and Halloween shapes.  I also managed to con some of my friends into taking part in a photo shoot for my upcoming 2011 t-shirt exhibition.  They are so good like that, though the thought of dressing up in weird hats and wigs always seems to inspire us!


Johns Madonna party

My pal John held a Madonna themed party for his birthday.  How much fun did we have?!  It was also a little bit stressful to get our costumes all together but it was definitely worth it in the end.
I also took a little girly vacation with my bestie to the Gold Coast and hung out with her family on the beach.  This was all before the most awesome madness of BEARDO...


Wowed by Whiskers
Wowed by Whiskers for Beardo!

Saw the end of Beardo, an exhibition that I curated for Town Hall Gallery.  This really was my baby so to speak and I'm so proud of how it turned out and the artists that I worked with.  We all worked so hard on it and I think that we were rewarded with great numbers coming through and such excellent feedback!

So what will 2011 hold?  I see in the future some more trips, more fabulous dinner parties and probably more hand made stuff....
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