Saturday, September 24, 2011

Piecework exhibition opens next Wednesday!!

You're invited!

YOU'RE INVITED!!!  My exhibition with Adrian Conti, Piecework opens next Wednesday evening at Tacit Contemporary Art.  This is the first time I have showed works in Melbourne for about 3 years so it is quite exciting!  Please visit my upcoming exhibitions page for dates, times and all of that.

Here is some information about the show:

Piecework is an exhibition of paintings, woven tapestries and works on paper by Adrian Conti and Mardi Nowak. Although both artists work in very different mediums, they share a common language of saturated colour and fragmented shapes.

Mardi Nowak (MFA Research) works primarily in woven tapestry and finds her inspiration in fashion magazines, torn advertising billboards, street graffiti and the everyday.  Works are created by collaging together images and photographs from magazines with old drawings and photocopies to reproduce the many layers found on billboards, similar to wallpaper plastered over old wallpaper.  These collages become the cartoon for final tapestries. 

Notions of time play a factor in her work.  There is a disjunction between the disposable and fast flow of images in contemporary mass media against the deliberation and slowness of a woven construction.  A fashionable dress produced in a tapestry may be out of fashion by the time a tapestry is completed.

“My recent series of works have utilised a constant flow of collaged elements; that of the envelope and the ‘Hello My Name Is’ stickers. Both of these products give me a large aesthetic scope within the collages but also have a variety of meanings. The envelope speaks of things hidden, messages and a holder for fragments. The ‘Hello My Name Is’ stickers play with the language of street graffiti. To me they are also a symbol of identity; something which is constantly challenged within fashion media.” (Mardi Nowak 2011)
Adrian Conti's recent works have emerged out of regular drives to Fulham Correctional Centre in East Gippsland. Stagnant inside an interior for the two-hour plus drive, the external landscape shifts and changes. Conti's work seeks to describe this landscape but with no fixed point of reference. Painting from memory, his vista is the constancy of the horizon line through my driving window and the amalgamation of shapes throughout the journey.
"I live predominantly immersed in an urban environment with little connection to the rural land. This journey interspersed with ever changing brackets of industry and nature has engendered a response to the juxtaposition of our planned and sometimes regimented environments with what it is to have and enjoy natural space.

My re-interpretation of the physical landscape is via the lens of a ‘city boy’, the abstract nature of the image both references the ‘actual’ and internal landscapes. It is here that I’m caught, investigating the dichotomy of the ‘real’ and imaginary, the inside and outside, urban and rural." (Adrian Conti 2011)

The use of contemporary materials, the abstract and graphic depiction still acknowledges the concept of ‘real space’ and the traditional use of the ‘horizon’ within landscapes.

The use of industrial materials like spray paint enables the simplification of form, clean lines and the absence of marks, all this serves to heighten the sterility of the experience and of his destination.

Both Nowak and Conti place emphasis on the interplay of positive and negative space; each part sharing equal importance. Their works allow the viewer to be submerged into a variety of surfaces and fragments, with the viewer discovering new elements with every look.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vanish/Survive exhibition in Vilnius Lithuania

Vanish/Survive invite Vilnius, Lithuania

The Seventh International Biennial of Textile Miniatures
September 21 – October 8, 2011

The seventh International Biennial of Textile Miniatures Vanish/Survive is dedicated to the problem of existence of contemporary human. Even 125 artists from 31 countries – from the Baltic countries to the most distant parts of the world (Australia, Japan, China, Latin America) in their works reflect on the different aspects of human existence and the role of individual in the modern world.

Opposition between survival and vanishing is analyzed by the participants of the exhibition through the interaction of life and death or just being and the beyond world. They tackle the problems of ecology and human responsibility in the world full of social, political and religious contradictions. They are interested in the future of textile, the problems of its survival and transformations in the contemporary art, as well as the fate of national and spiritual values under the conditions of globalization.

The artists as if seemingly ask – what is awaiting us tomorrow, what did we find and what shall we leave after ourselves, whether we imprint the footsteps in our time? The works exhibited in biennial are different with respect to style and technique combining both traditional and innovative methods, reflecting individualities of the authors’ and dominating textile tendencies.

Text by Dr. Lijana Šatavičiūtė

I really wish that I could of made the opening of this exhibition!  I had started planning to go but then work committments, other exhibitions and life in general took over.  I can't wait to receive the catalogue and to see the other works in the exhibition.

Vanish/Survive is at Arka Gallerie in Vilnius, Lithuania.  If you're in the area, drop in!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bit of model posing for The Carisbrook Mercury!

the carisbrook mercury
Me and my supermodel pose!

I was in Maryborough last weekend to present a floor talk and to officially launch the last installment of About Time: Australian Studio Tapestry 1975 to 2005.  It was great to be at the Central Goldfields Art Gallery under the watchful eye of the director there, Kay.  (Kay was awesome!)

On the next day, I also presented to a group of year 11 and 12 students about my arts practice and curating.  Presenting to students is something that I always enjoy as I remember what I was like at that age and how inspiring it was to meet other artists.  I was very chuffed that one of the students wrote in the visitor's book, "You're work is really cool and I like your dress too."  That totally made my day!

And I feel like I'm totally matching Sara Lindsays tapestry today!!
Marimekko dress and a detail of Sara Lindsay's tapestry.
I had to put together this detail of my Marimekko dress alongside the detail of Sara Lindsay's tapestry, we totally were matching!  Many of the visitors to the gallery found it quite amusing that my dress matched the works!  (Also, this dress got quite a lot of compliments!  I love Marimekko!)

Maryborough exhibition
My work on the right at Central Goldfields Art Gallery.

This is the last stop on the tour of this exhibition.  It's been great seeing the show at the different venues and the responses.  I think I will miss heading out rural way to chat to the crowds!  Thanks to Anthony Camm for curating this great show.!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Some new collages...

Some quick new collages to add to the envelope series...

Collage: envelope series
Under the Radar, 2011

Collage: envelope series
The Broken Act, 2011

Collage: envelope series
Questionable Youth, 2011

Collage: envelope series
True to Heart, Hola!, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Marimekko Scribbles...



I love this Marimekko tee as the marks are reminscent of knitting, or chain mail. I guess if you get too tired of knitting for real, you can always just pick up a pen and draw the knitting onto your t-shirt!

Yep, I guess it works for me!  I hope that everyone in Melbourne is getting out and about in t-shirts in this amazing Spring weather that we have going on!  (Though just between you and me, I've still been turning the heating on in the morning for our kitty!)
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